Thursday, 9 February 2023

More posts and news of day 12

I’m going to be out all day again today so have decided that tomorrow (Friday) will be day 12. You’ll need to concentrate on that one!!! 

First in today is Aonghas and Kay Lynn who have this to say

“Dear Jane,
Well, we think you're being trickier than ever. We LOVE reading guesses though and the guess about the bikini made my momma laugh out loud! Very clever tatters out there with creative ideas. Unfortunately, we just haven't come up with any new guesses today. Mom's a little late as she had a very busy day yesterday, I decided I'd share a Valentine with you to try to "bribe" you, but Mom said you wouldn't fall for my little trick. So I'm sharing the Valentine anyway, and hope that maybe soon we'll have more ideas. As you can see, we have some monkeys scratching their heads as they aren't sure either about this TIAS. 
Aonghas and his "servant", Kay Lynn”

Susan is next with her long legged turtles!!!! I think it’s a new species for our planet!!! She says

“My long legged dancing turtles are either sprouting hairbows or bunny ears, or else they're wearing goggles to keep the chlorine out of their eyes. But I can't imagine what's going to be hanging from those vsps!”

Some worrying news from Judith who has bad weather lurking nearby. She says

“Hi! from Australia, Jane, where there is a cyclone off the east coast.
Watch my character balance on one leg and touch his toes. Not easy to do with the wind blowing.

Your little character should think about joining Cirque do Soleil, Judith.  He would be the star of the show.

Finally before I go out grocery shopping (YUCK!) I have Alicja’s day 11 and she says

“Dear Jane, this is my day 11 and I’m afraid that my thread between rings is a bit longer than 1/8” 🥴 I hope it won’t be a big problem 😉 Hugs from Alicja ”

Julie has arrived with her day 11 and she says

“These will be awfully big eyes, or a heck of a bikini top.”

I’m sure you’re right, Julie!!!!! Well, not quite sure!!

Lindy has just arrived and she has this to say

“Hi Jane,
Already tatted day 11 yesterday, but forgot to send you my update (too busy with other things). Still no idea what it is going to be.

No worries, Lindy - just in time for day 12 tomorrow!!!

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