Saturday 25 February 2023


Another alien has flown in to see me before he set off on another adventure!

72. Nona says

“Hi Jane,
Greetings from Wisconsin, USA. I decided to make a birthday card with my cute purple alien. I think I found this thread at a thrift shop; the label says it’s Manuela, size 20, from Süssen, Germany. Thanks for orchestrating all the fun!

That’s a great idea.  Will he be travelling via space ship or flying saucer to his new abode?  Manuela was superb thread and I was so sorry when they stopped producing it.  

73. Kathleen has also arrived with her little alien and she says

“Hello Jane
I have finally finished my Alien.
Hope you like him.
Thank you so much have had a lot of fun and learning new techniques!!
Happy Tatting
Kathleen Hobbs”


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GoldenMom said...

LOVE Nona's birthday card! This is a darling use of the "alien" from 2023.