Sunday 12 February 2023

Day 13

Today I have the penultimate link to this year’s Tat It And See.

I will upload the last day on Tuesday when I hope you’ll share more about where you live, what threads you used and anything else you’d like to share. Probably how long you’ve been tatting etc. 

First in this Sunday morning is Pam with her day 12

Number of stitches left on my 3 guys? Number of guesses it will take to name the TIAS? 
Number of tears I will shed over this project? Ha!!
This is so fun! A great first experience with this game.
I tried the Catherine wheel join, Victorian seta and setb, and enjoyed seeing the work of others. It’s nice to tat with friends!

Because of mistakes, my tatted guy has friends, too!
Thanks for all the time you put into this, Jane."

It's great to have an enthusiast aboard like you, Pam.

Bev is next and she has little to say!!!  LOVE her comment, though!!!

"Hi Jane

Rose Anne is next with her days 10 to 12 and the following comment

"Here is Day 12 TIAS completed, a small step but I ripped it out twice before emailing for help! Not sure if this is right but I'm not undoing it again or for sure I'll cry!!! Too frustrating for some reason, must not be in the mood? We're working on the head and I'm guessing maybe glasses, mask or large rimmed eyeballs to this creature, maybe a Ninga Turtle!
Rose Anne "

No please don't cry or pull it out.  It looks FINE to me.  Day 13 will reassure you!

First in with day 13 is the intrepid Jenni!! She says

“Hi Jane.
Have a lovely day.


Next in is Lyn who has just caught up to day 12. She has this to say

“Good afternoon Jane,
Here is my catch up! It has been a busy week so hence the catch up today.
We are having a mild summer really but looking forward to autumn 
Regards to all 
Lyn ”

Richard is next to pop in with his day 12 and he says

“Good Morning Jane!
My monkey from the barrel wanted to catch those peepers on Day 12 but they had another idea! Those peepers have gotten themselves lost in space on Day Twelve + 1! 
Happy Tatting!

You’ve got a great imagination, Richard!!!! 

Ruth has arrived next with her day 12 and she says

“Hello Jane from a very hot Brisbane - 36° C today. I reckon we are currently making a mask! Mine is attached below.
Ruth from Narrabri, NSW. ”

A mask?  Hmmmmmm.  Not sure about that!  Take a peek at day 13 and see what you think after that!!!!

The next arrival is Jacee who says

“Good afternoon Jane,
Here's my Day 13. Is he a humanoid robot?

Do you want me to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’, Jacee!!!!

Richard us back with day 13 and he has this to say. 

“Thanks! I thought I attached today's tatting but I must have messed it up somehow. Here are the peepers peeping out if a lost in space martian helmet. 

Lindy is next to arrive with a really good idea about technology!!!! Like so many of us she forgot the attachment the first time round. Good idea about the attachment button, Lindy. She says

“Hello Jane,
Day 13, looks like an alien.
Ps: the thread is pastel petals Lizbeth 20 color 186. Actually I don't like pastel colors, but as a tatting thread I love it. 
They should put the attachment button on the other side of the phone screen 😜”

Stephanie is next and she thinks she’s made the twisted picots too long - BUT who knows!!! 

“Hard to believe it’s almost finished!
I think I got a little overenthusiastic with the long twisted picots…..

Arlene has come up with a good idea now. She says 

“Hi Jane, it's a chilly wet day today & maybe dark thread was not a wise choice. I think you designed a spaceman!”

Sounds miserable over in your neck of the woods.  Mind it’s been grey and cold today - NOT what they forecast.  

Kathryn is next to be in my inbox and she says

“Dear Jane,
I had to watch the U-tube twice to learn twisted picots it is difficult when you are lefthanded. Pleased now to have done something new.

Ah, I hadn’t realised that being left handed would cause a problem with a twisted picot.  I’m so glad you managed it in the end.  Well done.

Now I have a long message from Jolimama in Hungary. She says

“Kedves Jane! Küldöm a 12-13. napot. Elég nehezen sikerült megoldani, hiányzik a nyelv tudása, a rövidítéseket nehezen tudtam megérteni. Nem is vagyok elégedett az elkészült munkával, de azért megmutatom. Örülök, hogy eddig eljutottam, most már biztos készre is tudom csinálni, 
Most úgy gondolom, hogy egy földönkívüli /UFÓ/ lehet 😉, vagy nem, hamarosan megtudjuk. 
Szeretettel: Jolimama”

Dear Jane! I am sending the 12-13. day. It was quite difficult to solve, I lack knowledge of the language, it was difficult for me to understand the abbreviations. I'm not even satisfied with the finished work, but I'll show it anyway. I'm glad I've made it this far, I'm sure I can finish it now, Now I think it could be an extraterrestrial /UFO/ 😉 or not, we will find out soon. With love: Jolimama

Nos, ez azt mutatja, hogy még ha nem is értesz mindenhez, akkor is sikerülhet a tetszés. MÉG akkor is, ha azt sem tudod, mit csinálsz. Csodálatos vagy, Jolimama. Egyszerűen elképesztő.

Well this shows that even if you don’t understand everything you can still make tatting work. EVEN if you don’t even know what you’re making. You are AMAZING, Jolimama. Simply AMAZING. 

A short message from Hanneke! She simply says

Met vriendelijke groet,

Anita has also been playing catch up and she says

“Hi Jane,
I had so much catching up to do!
I struggled with the twisted picots, they were a challenge.
It is an alien astronaut, isn’t it??

Ummmm, it could be, Anita but again probably not!!!!!

Rose Anne is back now with her day 13 and she’s got a guess - or two!!!

Hmmmm this TIAS has made me work to get these mystery steps to look like Jane's or kinda! We've one more step and I'm thinking a Ninga Turtle or alien like someone mentioned!

Rose Anne”

Julie seems to think much the same as Rose Anne too. She says

“So the ostrich has become an alien. It's waving its arm to catch his head before it floats into space. Thanks for the funny tias project.

I am not saying ANYTHING!!!!

Next to arrive is Hallie who has this to say

“Whew--CWJs and twisted picots!! I've never done twisted picots before, well, at least not on purpose.
I'm now sure, this is a space alien. He's waving to his friend from my 2016 Row by Row block from a quilt store in Roswell, NM. It's the green guy updating the sign.”

Kept you busy, eh?

Ruth sounds a bit worried with her first question

“Hello Jane, 
26°C here in Brisbane at 5:00 am. I was up.early to take my sister to the airport. My face mask is 3D. Is it meant to be?
It's a very big head for the body. I think the animal is a figment of your imagination!!!
Or perhaps a pearl diver from the days before scuba!
Ruth, Narrabri NSW 
I start heading home tomorrow and although the drive is only one day, a friend and I are taking 4-5 days over it.

If you pop the iron onto your tatting it should flatten down. Mine was flat at this stage!!! I’m sure it’ll all be fine.

Mary Ann is next to pop in and she says

“Caught up today, but not sure if it’s right. Mine is bowed outward. I had to work at getting the twisted picots close to the same size. LOL Mary Ann”

Looks perfect to me, Mary Ann

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