Wednesday, 26 January 2022

Wednesday 26th

I've just spotted a glimmer of sun through the window. Yippeeeeee.  Tomorrow will be day 7

First in today is from Stephanie who says

"No definite guess yet, except I’m pretty sure it’s some kind of critter.
The picots behind what I’m thinking of as the ‘head’ (with the bead as the eye) lead me to believe that there are wings, fins, or some sort of scales back there. You startled me with the join BETWEEN rings when I tatted Day 6 – I wasn’t thinking about joining between rings, although there is no reason why NOT….just wasn’t expecting it. I’m thinking bird, seahorse (although the ‘tail’ curves the wrong direction so far), dragon, dinosaur…..or maybe something else.
Have a wonderful week!
Big hug!

Dani is next in my morning's inbox with days 5 and 6 and this is what she has to say

"hi Jane!
from your day 5 diagram, i was sure this was a duck, but mine doesn’t look much like that… day 6 leaves me wondering about seahorses?
hopefully you’ll forgive the “eye”, which is a Josephine ring thrown off of a mock ring in place of R 13. (i never have beads when i need them!)
dani the geek, Finger Lakes, NY, USA"

So you think it's an eye, Dani?  Maybe it isn't and your idea is better than mine!!!  Who knows!!!

Next in the inbox is Melanie who has this to say

"Good evening-
I sat down this afternoon during our Study Group to tat day 6. Just a bit of a problem arose. Can anyone else spot why I started over? And which is correct?
I still think we're tatting a goose as that's what I feel like!
Thanks for the game.

No, Melanie, you're not a goose!!! It's the hardest thing ever to make something when you don't know what it's going to be. Some idiot must've thought up that idea!

Sam is next and this is what she has to say

"Hi Jane.
You always seem to post the new days while I am at work. Lol. Gotta love being on the other side of the world. (Australia)
Here is my pic of day 6. I really think it is going to be a seahorse.
Here are the links to Day 5
And Day 6
I am really enjoying doing these videos on tiktok. I hope everyone enjoys watching.
Kind Regards

I had an email from another Australian lady who had visited your tiktok links so I'm sure many others have too.  I certainly enjoy seeing them too and you might inspire others to learn to tat as well.

Finally in this batch of overnight emails is Coretta who has this to say

"Sliding in with day 5&6. Spoonbill, elephant, rabbit, alien, baby alligator who knows. Busy few days but I pulled it together. Probably spent more time remembering where I was than actually tatting. "

Lou Dawn has now arrived with her day 

“ Hi Jane. Thank you for all the fun! I don’t know if you have alligators in England but we do in southeastern United States. My guess is we are doing a alligator! . Lou Dawn Bunker Washington USA”

No, no alligators in England Lou Dawn - well you might find them in a zoo but certainly no wild ones. 

Next to arrive is Margaret and this is what she has to say

“Dear Jane, 
Now that my Day 6 section has been done I am sticking (with little hope!) to my duck-billed platypus guess and looking forward to seeing what it will grow up into after Day 7. 
Margaret ”

I do hope it turns out to be a duck-billed platypus or I’ll be in trouble, won’t I?!?!?

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