Friday, 28 January 2022

Friday 28th and more TIAS

Good morning world - that's the world of Tat Land, of course. Another grey day here although we have seen a bit of sun over the past two days.

First in this morning is Adriana who has this to say

"Ciao Jane Eborall sono giunta al 7 giorno ho adoperato filo lizbeth n. 20 col. 105,fuori รจ sempre umido, nebbia, e grigio, grazie della Tias che mi rallegra un po'! Io abito Rovigo Italia.

Hi Jane Eborall I have reached the 7th day I have used lizbeth thread n. 20 col. 105, outside it's always damp, foggy, and gray, thanks for the Tias that cheers me up a bit! I live in Rovigo Italy."

Next is Nancy who has a small regret but maybe she has just the right colour!! She says

"I wish I had chosen a lighter red!
Nancy Moore"

Jacee is next in this morning's inbox and this is what she has to say

"Hi Jane,
Here's Day 7 and I would stick by my one and only guess - it's a dragon boat!!

Bev follows shortly after with her day 7 and she has this to say

"Hi Jane
Getting curiouser and curiouser

Next I have Coretta who says

"I’m glad the collage is helpful.
I keep thinking a bird here, or as some have said a sea horse. But also a member of the crustacean band in Disney’s Little Mermaid comes to mind.

Today I taught a 6 year old neighbor girl how to cut 6 pointed snowflakes. She was a very dedicated, excited and successful student, which made the experience fun for me. "

That's great to be teaching a little child the joys of crafting.  I'm delighted that my 14 year old granddaughter loves crafting but sadly isn't that interested in tatting.  By her age I'd started in earnest!!!!  

Mary Ann is sticking to her guns and with her previous guess!! She says

"Hi Jane, I’m sticking with a platypus, but my husband thinks a hummingbird! I can’t wait to see what you have in mind. Mary Ann, Yuma, AZ."

Finally in this batch is Jane who couldn't get hers in yesterday for a very good reason. Not that there's ever any deadline, of course. She says

"Not first this time as we had another lengthy power outage yesterday. Mmm. I confess I haven't a clue."

Just found another hiding in my inbox and I have a few minutes before I need to get out of the house. I’ll leave you with the message

“ Dear Jane,
Well, I'm flabbergasted! I KNOW that I'm a very smart 20 month old Golden Retriever (everyone says so), BUT Day #7 gives me no new clues and I just don't know what to guess. Mom tried to guess too, looking at the tatting in different directions, but we were both I talked Mom into taking me out to play in the fresh powdery snow. (I wanted to take the tatting along, but Mom said that it wasn't a good idea as she knows how I like to bury toys in the snow and she feared I'd bury the tatting there....) When we play in the snow, I like to play games with Mom.....and dig down into the layers so that I all but disappear. See photo in collage. She says it's like the game of "Where's Waldo?" All she sees is my wagging Golden tail as it gives away my location. Well, the romp was fun today (as usual), but it didn't help us to figure out this TIAS. You've officially stumped us for now. We're anxious to see where this next bit goes and if it will give us new clues. We're having our brains "stretched".
Your buddy,
Aonghas and his momma, Kay Lynn ”

Lynn is the next person to arrive in my inbox and this is what she has to say which isn’t a lot!!!

No guess again today”

I’m pleased you’re still flummoxed, Lynn!!!

Next to arrive is Sue ‘down there in London’ and she’s been busy guessing. Here’s what she says too

Hi Jane
Behind and this is where I was a few days ago
I thought from the start it might be a seahorse but you've been there and done that a few times...
Here was my thought from a few days ago...
After seeing someones' on today's FB I'm thinking crocodile/Alligator
You have a convoluted brain me dear <3

You know me and my brain (aka BC3) only too well.  Time will tell what it turns out to be!!!  Love the drawings.

Marie-Claude is next to drop into the inbox and she says

“ Good evening Jane,
The mythical animal (or not?..) went on a diet and lost weight !!

I wish I could lose weight, too!!!!

Stephanie has now popped in to see us all and her comment follows

“ I was *almost* swayed to the ‘alligator’ side with this part of the TIAS. BUT it just doesn’t look quite ‘right’ for an alligator, although I wasn’t sure why. DH told me it wasn’t an alligator because the head angle wasn’t quite right and the eye placement didn’t fit how an alligator’s eyes would ‘sit’ sort of on top of his head. After thinking about it, I decided the ‘mouth’ was too thin compared to the ‘head’ section, and probably too short, too. So, ok, not an alligator.
DH thinks it’s a bird – probably a turkey (do you have wild turkeys in England?), an ostrich, or maybe a peacock (but the peacock is sort of a ‘stretch,’ not his first choice guess. At this point I’m convinced it’s some kind of bird, but WHAT kind? I have no idea….yet. It’s some kind of a bird, though. Unless it’s not….
Have a terrific week! Great fun!
Big hug!

It sounds to me as if your husband is very used to analysing tatting!!!  He’s obviously lived with shuttles around him for many years!!!  

Next in is Maria who has given up on her previous guess. Here’s what she says

“ Hello Jane,
Well I think I have to say goodbye to my duck….
I’m wondering if we are looking at this thing on the right way…
I have my upside down today.
What I can see: a beak probably, an eye maybe…
It may be a creature roaming on land with a beak….a platypus, or an echidna…. Mmm intriguing but there is a vsp on the last chain….mmm 
I hope in the next clue 
Thank you for the fun

That’s a great idea looking at it from another angle.  Wish I’d thought of that!!!!

The next arrival is Carol and she has this to say

Hello Jane:
I've been enjoying the tatting game & seeing all the tatting on your blog!
So maybe a bird? or a seahorse? or reptile?
I'm moving along to day 7 ....
Always, Carol in NW Indiana USA
blogging as Lelia at Stitches of Life II 

Marla has caught up again as she says here

Getting caught up again…. I was gone all of yesterday so didn’t get a chance to tat… so here is my day 7. 
Still think it might be a ….. humming seahorse gator!”

Congratulations on catching up.  I’m always trying to catch up with everything!!!

Andrea has also had little time lately as she says here

“ Hi Jane, 
I've had a busy couple of days teaching, so no drawing again, but I do have a new idea ... some kind of bird! Thanks for the fun! 
Andrea x ”

The last person in today is Marco. This is what she has to say

Hello, here i am again still no new clues ,
Have a lovely weekend.
Greetings Marco”

Goodnight everybody - see you tomorrow.

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