Friday, 21 January 2022

Friday's arrivals!

First in this morning is from Kay Lynn and Aonghas who both think this

"Dear Jane,
Mom and I were listening to the news this a.m. (before we went outside to play in the snow), and there was something interesting. They said,

'Scientists have discovered a pristine, three-kilometre-long reef of giant rose-   shaped corals off the coast of Tahiti, in waters of the southern Pacific Ocean    thought to be deep enough to protect it from the bleaching effects of the warming    ocean.
The reef, which lies at depths of more than 30 metres, probably took around 25 years to grow. Some of the rose-shaped corals measure more than two metres in diameter.

"It was magical to witness giant, beautiful rose corals, which stretch for as far as the eye can see. It was like a work of art," said French photographer Alexis Rosenfeld, who led the team of international divers that made the discovery.'

This made us think of things under the sea, and today's tatting might be something "under the sea" like this wonderful corral! (Or maybe it's something that flies in the air like many other tatters seem to think....but we're sticking to our "under the sea" guess for today.)
We're having fun. This reminded me of warmer days when I could swim in water (which is frozen solid here now). See our picture for the day. We like our TIAS as it makes us think.
Aonghas and his momma, Kay Lynn"

That's an amazing picture from you both.  Cheered me up on another grey morning.

Julie follows next with another great idea. She says

"Here is my day 4. I am thinking maybe a gentleman to go with my crinoline lady.  I made her in blue and am using blues on this one that got me thinking along those lines but it could become just about anything from this point on. Tricky bead join but I got it on. Thank you again for the fun. Julie"

Cheryl is next into the inbox and this is her day 4. You managed to get it to me via your phone, Cheryl!!!

"Having trouble figuring out how to send this from my phone. So please don't get flustered with me if it shows up twice.
Day 4 going smoothly so far. Had to wait a few days to get started as I burned my two middle fingers ony left hand last week. Feels ok to tat today"

Me?  Get flustered?  No time for that Cheryl!!!  Glad the fingers are healing now.

Hallie is next along with her little 'helper'. She says

"=I think I'll abandon my Nessie guess, and join Team Snail. Or Swan. Or something!
My young Schipperke thinks tatting is too boring and has been begging me to play with him and his toys.
Best wishes,
Hallie in frigid Wisconsin, USA (currently 1° F, or -17°C)"

How can you resist that little face begging you to play?  Please keep those temperatures to yourself.  We're going through a cold spell too but so far only -3C.

Dani is next with days 3 and 4 and she says this

"hmmm... day 3 looks more like a coracle, but day 4 makes me think of a Viking long boat, with a figure-head...
dani, Finger Lakes, NY, USA"

Those are good guesses, Dani but I'm not telling!!!!

Jacee is next in my inbox and this is her comment and picture

“ Here's my submission of Day 4. Could it be a Chinese dragon boat?

Is this because it’s almost the Chinese New Year, Jacee?

Arlene is still sticking to her last guess!!! I’m not sure if it’s that or not!!! Time will tell!!

“I still say boll weevil “

Finally in this session (I have to go out shortly) is Madhur who says 

“ Hi Jane, 
Hope I'm going it right. Not too confident about the bead size. 
Will continue with others once I get a nod from you.
Hugs from a cold morning in Delhi 

Looks perfect to me, Madhur.  It’s not that crucial the bead size.  Carry on with day 5 when I put it out. 

Back from my knitting group to find Agi is next to arrive. She says

“Dear Jane
I have little time, so I did the two days at once. The 3th and the 4th days. It will be maybe butterfly? :) 

Well it could be, Agi.  It could be!!!

Sue is next and she’s quieter than usual. What happened to your idea that every TIAS should be an elephant’s foot umbrella stand, Sue? Anyway this is what she says

“Here you go.... Maybe Nessie or a basket case...

Basket case?  I’ll make no comment on that idea!!!!

Bev in Australia is next with her day 4 and comment. She says

Hi Jane
Getting curious now. Hmmm! How will we get back to those joining picots?

Time will tell, Bev!!!!!  Time will tell!!!

You’re going to love Andrea’s next drawing and comment. She says

Hi Jane
Here is day 4. I think I might be going a bit quackers trying to guess what this is
Andrea x”

Oh, Andrea, that made me chuckle!!! Love your drawing but not sure if I should tell you whether you’re right or not. Hmmmm, think I’d spoil the fun if I told you because somebody else might be reading this comment too!!!

Janet is next to pop along to my ‘house’ with her TIAS. This is what she says

“Hi Jane,
Having fun with this ‘thing’. What ever it is, not guessing just enjoying the task. First time I’ve have used a bead! Roll on day 4.
Take care Jane. 

Bernice is now back with her day 4 and she says

Well Jane,
I believe this is the head but I know you; we will be sent off in another direction soon. Chinook winds today so everything melting as we move above 0°C.

Glad the weather is getting warmer for you, Bernice.  
Well I could be sending you all off in another direction next I suppose but maybe you’re right after all!!!!  So, basically, I’m not saying!!!!  

Margaret has just arrived and this is what she says

“ Hi Jane,
After day 3 I was at least able to guess what this might grow up to be, but now I've finished day 4, I can’t even begin to speculate! Hopefully I will be able to come up with something after day 5!
Margaret ”

That’s good news to me that you’re back to being puzzled, Margaret.  I know I’m wicked!!!!

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Rose Anne B said...

Ooohhh Jane, I'm so enjoying reading everyone's comments and love the pictures and variety of shuttles! These TIASes are so much fun and an awesome break from bigger projects! Thank you!