Wednesday, 12 January 2022

Off we go

 Here's the link for Day 1.  

All comments, pictures and anything to do with fun are very welcome.  Please send to

First in on the 2022 TIAS is from Jenni in Australia.  This is what she says

“ Hi Jane.
At work  ..being cheeky.
No ideas what it could be!

Next in on this grey, foggy, damp morning here in England is Denyse who says

"Day 1 done.
Thank you for the lovely project.

LOVE the thread you're using Denyse.  Subtle changes of colour in it.

Anita has just popped into my inbox and she says
"Hi Jane,
This is my Day 1 and I don’t know why I bother winding the shuttles CTM.
I started by making mistakes and had to cut the thread and start over! But it is fun! 
Warm greetings from a white, snowy and cold Stockholm.

I'd rather have white and snowy than fog and grey, Anita.  LOVE your shuttle.

Next to arrive is Valerie and she says
‘Bonjour Jane,

Je vous souhaites une bonne année 2022.
J'avais participé l'année dernière c était mon 1er TIAS.
Voici mon 1er jour pour cette nouvelle aventure.
Valerie de France 
A bientôt 

Hello Jane,
I wish you a happy new year 2022.
I had participated last year it was my 1st TIAS.
Here is my 1st day for this new adventure.
Valerie from France
See you soon

Next is Kathryn who says

Dear Jane,
Here is my day 1 I am using Anchor thread. Thank you for starting a new tat it and see.

Celine is the next person in my inbox and this is what she says
“ Hi Jane, 
Very happy to join tat it and see again!!
Enclosed my day 1
Greetings for Normandy 

Barbara is next and she’s dropped in from Poland. She says
“ Witaj Jane!
Bardzo dziękuję za przygotowanie tegorocznej zabawy TIAS.
Dzień 1 ukończony, wybrałam nitkę w kolorach niebieskich. Ciepłe pozdrowienia z szarego, chmurnego i mroźnego Bielska-Białej z Polski.

Hello Jane!
Thank you very much for preparing this year's TIAS event.
Day 1 finished, I chose a thread in blue colors. Warm greetings from gray, cloudy and frosty Bielsko-Biała from Poland.Barbara.”

From here in England I have Sue next and she has this to say
“Afternoon Miss. It's winter, it's interesting on your tat it and see blog, it's a wriggly worm so far!!”

It’s always a treat to meet a newcomer to the TIAS and this is what we have next. Welcome to this Italian tatter who also has a very pretty name which is Alicja. 
“ Hello Jane,It is my first time with your TIAS , it is a very nice idea. I’ve chosen a coloured thread… is it ok or not we’ll see . Thank you for your event and greetings from Italy

My crazy friend Katie V is back again this year. Why do I say ‘crazy’? Well because she always does six of the TIAS all at once AND sends a rhyme with her pictures too!!! I LOVE her and her dedication.  This is what she has to say
“ Thank you, Jane, for this fun game!! You're the best!
Yep, I'm a nut! Going for six unknowns!
Katie V in NC USA

Our Tat It And See’s underway!
And what guesses can we make today?
Antenna of a critter?
Or perhaps a corn fritter?
Her clue our sweet Jane won’t betray!”

Ronel is the next to arrive in my inbox and she says
“ Hi Jane
Welcome to TIAS 2022, Ronel.  

It’s always good to see friends return and especially Coretta. She says
“ I’ve been pretty lucky with my thread choices over the years for the TIAS. But I feel like the only hint is the bead this time. And that could be a nose, an eye, a window (airplane of 2011), so human or animal or inanimate object… it’s wide open. So I’m just going with a color I had more of than I realized. Lizbeth Seagreen dark 688
And so today I feel like it is an alligator tail.”

Now I have another new participant who has joined this year’s game. This is Lynn’s day 1.
“Hi Jane,
I’ve seen past years TIAS, but have never participated. Looking forward to the next instruction.
Welcome aboard, Lynn.

Next to arrive in my inbox is Hallie who says
“ Ok, last year was my first TIAS and I maintained it was a planarian worm...but I was wrong. So this year I will not insist this is an earthworm.
By careful analysis of the pattern, I see that the joined picots are not VSPs but larger, and are shown on the diagram not as just joins, but as design elements. This leads me to conclude that...I don't have the slightest idea what it is!
Thanks, Jane!
Best wishes, Hallie in Wisconsin, USA“

Andrea is the next to arrive with THREE TIAS starts and she says the following
“Hi Jane
And the fun begins! Lots of things that these could be. I rather fancy rhinos , but they could be the tail of some other wonderful creature.
Thanks for doing yet another year. Xx 

Maria is next to arrive and she’s going very yellow this year!!! This is what she says
“Hello Jane,
Thank you for doing another Tias!
A bright yellow this year
Love Maria”

Next to arrive is Arlene who has this comment and she might be right with her guess!  Or is she?
Based on what I see so far, it's obviously a boll weevil. :grin:
Arlene M
North Carolina, US”
I wonder, Arlene.  If you’re right then you’re the first to guess!!!!

Dorota from Poland is the next to arrive and she says
Witaj Jane miło mi w tym roku dołączyć do zabawy z wami zrobiłam początek nitka kolorowa ! Może to będzie zły dobór koloru ,zobaczę potem gorące pozdrowienia z Polski ! Dorota

Hello Jane, I am pleased to join the fun with you this year I made a beginning of a colorful thread! Maybe it will be a wrong color choice, I will see warm greetings from Poland later! Dorothy“

All the way from Canada is Bernice who says this.
“Hi Jane,
I am using size 20 Lizbeth 130, Island Breeze. Silly me, I had prepared the shuttles beforehand then forgot which one was shuttle one. For the record it is the red Boye. No guesses yet so I will tell you it is a warm above freezing winter day here in Canada.”
Hope your better weather continues, Bernice.

Now we’re off to Italy and Paola who says this
“ Cara Jane, grazie per questa iniziativa, cercherò di portare avanti il lavoro. Questa è la mia prova, ciao, Paola
Dear Jane, thank you for this initiative, I will try to carry on the work. This is my proof, hello, Paola

Next to arrive this evening is Annamaria who says
 Thank you for this challenge, pulled me out from a project I'm working on for just a brief break, it's a wedding sampler. I'll show you. But 1st the TIAS 2022 challenge. I think it's going to be a wriggly lil cute worm, or maybe a centrepeed, or a dragonfly or... Or.... Or..... I think I could guess till morning. But you see there is exactly where the fun of such project is buried. Thank you for challenging our grey cells.
Kind regards 
Annamaria ”
Good guesses, Annamaria but I wonder if you’re right!!


HappyTatty said...

Love this as it just takes a few minutes and your done for the day 😊

Liyarra said...

Come on Aussies! Where are you???

Thanks for doing another one Jane. Such fun.
Ben has resigned himself to being second fiddle to the TIAS again. Just hoping not on his birthday this time LOL