Wednesday, 19 January 2022

More results coming in

Tomorrow will be Day 4 so keep a lookout for the links!!!

First in today is from Bev who says.

“ Hi Jane
Here is my Day 3, better late than never. I guess there is no point in asking ‘animal, vegetable or mineral?’ I haven’t got a clue.

Next in are a pair of friends from Alaska - Kay Lynn and Aonghas. They say this

"Dear Jane,
Well, we are thinking....and it must be a profile of a critter (if it is indeed a critter) to use just one bead. Since my favorite stuffed animal is a dinosaur, I'm thinking that maybe it's a dinosaur. Here's a photo of my Barney (yes, I named him) and me. Momma and I are having fun trying to figure out this TIAS. We have ruled out a fox since it was a foxy last year.
Aonghas & his Momma, Kay Lynn"

Clever reasoning Kay Lynn - BUT .........

Carol is next in my inbox and she has this to say

"Hello Jane:
So, I take it "no" for Vincent Van Gogh?
How about Winnie-the-Pooh's tummy?
Perhaps a tea pot handle?

Always, Carol in NW Indiana USA bloggins as Lelia at Stitches of Life II

LOVE this picture which is from Olimpia. She says

"Grazie per avermi fatto imparare una nuova tecnica

Thanks for letting me learn a new technique
olimpia "

I feel I'm being watched by those eyes, Olimpia!!!  Love the picture.  

Celine has just arrived (found you in my spam folder, Celine!!) and she says
“ Hello Jane
Here is my day 3. 
Looks like body of a snail today
Have a nice day
Céline ”

Whoops - I let Bernice down. This is what she says

“ Hi Jane,
Tried to start Day 3 but then realized I sent you Day 2 with the last ring missing. All corrected now and ready for Day 4. So is it an Alligator? 

Sorry I didn’t notice, Bernice.

“Witaj Joane
Zrobiłam już dzień 2 i 3.
Pozdrawiam Grażyna Paluch

Hello Joane I have already done days 2 and 3. Regards Grażyna Paluch”

Paola has now arrived in my inbox with her day She says

“Cara Jane, grazie per questa iniziativa, cercherò di portare avanti il lavoro. Questa è la mia prova, ciao, Paola

Dear Jane, thank you for this initiative, I will try to carry out work. This is my proof, bye, Paola

You are doing very well, Paola.  Thank you for sending in your picture and comment.

Coretta has sent in her day 3 and this is what she has to say about her day!

“Hello, I did day 3 last night but just getting to sending my work along. Been a lot of hurry-up-and-wait type of things today. But getting things done! 
These curves seem very deliberate, but no guesses today.”

I hate those sorts of days, Coretta.  I like those hurry-up-and-get-things-done sort of days myself!!!!!  Still you got there in the end and just in time for day 4 tomorrow!!!

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