Sunday, 23 January 2022

Sunday's arrivals

One day I'm going to say 'it's a lovely morning here' but that's not happening today!!! Another cold, grey day has dawned and I have to clean out the chicken's coup this morning too. After breaking the ice of the water, of course! So to happier things and the overnight arrivals.

First in is Marla who says

"Finally! I’m all caught up…. And can I just say…..
I have no idea or even a guess of what this is…. But at least it will be colorful. "
Sorry, Marla but you're not 'quite' caught up because day 5  came out yesterday!!!

Carol is the next temporary resident in the inbox and she says

"Good Evening Jane:
I finished day 4 --- Now looking like a rubber duck!
Always, Carol (NWIndiana USA)
blogging as Lelia at Stitches of Life II

Day 5 awaits you, Carol!!!!

Next in is Madhur who says

"Hi Jane
Couldn't tat yesterday.
And I wonder why Jenni found it tricky.
I didn't have any difficulty in tatting this part.
Looks like a duck beak to me.
But you never know.
Need to tat up the rest of those too. Shall soon post.
Until then
Lots I
The bead makes me believe it could be an animal. An Alligator perhaps

Perhaps Jenni was tired when she did it, Madhur. She did it beautifully like you.

WOW, Teresa's started joining in and caught up too!!! Here's what she says

I finally sat down with my shuttles and have done through Day 5 … so, I’m caught up! Have no clue where you are headed with this yet but, as always, I’m enjoying the journey.
Here are pictures for Days 1 through 5."

I hope I upload them in the right order, Teresa!!!  Yes it was easy as they were in order when  you attached them.  THANK YOU.

Next to arrive is Olimpia and she seems to be puzzled too!!

"more and more interesting as a job, I'm also learning new techniques thanks
Olimpia from Italy "

Janet has now popped into my inbox and she says

Just enclosing TIAS day 5 which is a little twisted and need lots of blocking. Like the variegated thread. Roll on day 6.
Thanks, Janet”

Marie-Claude has now sent in her day 5 along with this comment

“ Dear Jane,
Here is my Day 5. A goose with a horn?? Weird... But this butterfly is happy to rest on it!

Kay Lynn and Aonghas are next to arrive and I just LOVE this picture. Their pictures are encouraging me to find my sunglasses!!! Just right for dull grey days here in England. 

“ Dear Jane,
Well, we still see something "Under the Sea", but now it's seahorses......Anghas was swimming by just to make sure, and he noticed that one of Mom's shuttles is under the sea now too. Guess we'll have to dry out that thread. Good thing that the shuttle is plastic or we'd be in big trouble. Mom is happy to report that she has her scanner working again (with TIAS helping to motivate her to figure it out). TIAS is definitely bringing smiles to our faces. 
Aonghas and his momma, Kay Lynn”

Marla is back again today but now with day 5. This is what she says this time!!!

Ok….. NOW….. I’m caught up! I
& I think it’s a Seahorse!

Hmmm I wonder, Marla!!!!

The next arruval is Nancy and she says

Hi JaneI finally did days 4 and 5. You’ve got me stumped. I cannot imagine what this will be. Right now I see a sea horse”

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Lelia said...

I enjoy seeing all the variety of colors! Tatters are so creative!