Thursday 27 January 2022

Day 7

Top of the list today and first in again with day 7 is Jenni who says

"Hi Jane.
Getting interesting.
Those topside picots have me worried about my swan....

Very very shortly after Jenni I have Kathryn who I'm sure will beat Jenni next time!!! She says

"Dear Jane,
Here is day 7, it is beginning to look like a little character I think he will be my book mark friend.

Back from grocery shopping and I find Maureen in my inbox with this comment

“ Still think it’s a bird, so here is a cockatoo to urge me along. The cats aren’t friendly with the cockatoo, a little jealous perhaps, because he came out of his cupboard yesterday, to celebrate Australia Day.
I’ll be very glad when we reach the end of the split rings because they are Getting In the Way!”

Sue is next and she’s got her own opinions on what the TIAS is going to be!!!! Mind I’ve never seen or heard of one before - or have I?

“ Now tat was hard! Not difficult you understand but bruised fingers from water pipes coming undone behind cupboards make tatting hard!
Least the washing machine is strutting it's stuff!!
Still a duck filled fatty puss!”

Barbara is next to arrive and she says

“ Witaj Jane! 
Pięknie się rozwija Twoja zabawa. Już jestem pewna, że robimy jakiegoś ptaka. Czy to będzie pelikan, kaczka, czy inny ptak czas pokaże.
Hello Jane!

Your fun is developing beautifully. I'm already sure we're making a bird of some kind .. Whether it will be a pelican, a duck or any other bird, time will tell.
Greetings to you and all participants of the fun! Barbara”

Well if it isn’t a bird then it could be something else, Barbara.  Now I’m not telling if it’s a bird or not - I’m just thinking out loud!!!!

The next arrival in my inbox is Elżbieta who says

“ Droga Jane, Oto moje wykonanie Twojego pomysłu po siedmiu dniach. Czyżby jednak wyłaniał się „konik morski”. Zobaczymy co dla nas wymyśliłaś.
Serdecznie pozdrawiam

Dear Jane,
Here is my execution of your idea after seven days. Could there be a "seahorse" emerging after all? We'll see what you came up with for us.
Best wishes

Dorota is next to arrive in my inbox and this is what she has to say

“ Dzień dobry Jane z pozdrowieniami wysyłam kolejny etap mojej pracy :) życzę zdrowia

Good morning Jane with best regards, I am sending you the next stage of my work :) I wish you good health

I love your bright coloured thread, Dorota.  Very cheerful.

It seems to me that Madhur’s TIAS is growing in numbers - or am I just ‘seeing things’?

Hi Jane
Here I am with day 7.
Entire north India is in the grip of intense cold wave. Inian homes aren't equipped with central heating because this type of winter lasts for barely 7-10 days. This time it stretched fir about 20 days.
Fortunately today it was sunny.
Hopefully the weather improves soon.
Now TIAS looks more like a SWAN to me. 
And I'm not expecting you to answer me.
Hugs from India

We have sun here today (and yesterday) after weeks of grey clouds and cold.   We’re used to it though and do have heating in our houses.   

Next to arrive is Kerstin who says

“I love it and I still think it is a seahorse, I’m unable to see anything else…
Yours Kerstin”

Wanda has just arrived now and this is what she has to say

“Hi Jane! Here is my day 7. I must admit I'm inclined to join the sea horse herd that MAY be the answer to your TIAS. But the way my thread ends are laying when I took the picture it kind of looks like it could be a duck. I've never been good at guessing so I could be all wet! Looking forward to the next installment. Happy tatting, Wanda”

Melanie has dropped into the overworked inbox now and she says

Hi Jane-
Here is a photo of day 7 on a bench covering. We have hummingbirds in our yard. This is beginning to remind me of them. 
True story: I was watering last weekend (yes, it's been THAT dry) and paused when I heard a hummer chittering above my head on a branch of a vine. It was so close I could see a tongue zipping in and out of the long bill. Amazing! That tongue has to be as long as 1/3 of the body of that tiny bird!!
Your choice whether to include that off-topic side story in your blog post. Couldn’t resist sharing. 

I like off topic bits, Melanie specially when you think it’s a hummingbird you’re making!!!!

Next to arrive is Katie’s little gathering of ‘whatever they are’!!!!! Here’s what she says

Hi, Jane!
We're nearly half way in the game, but what do we know?!! Hmmmmm.

Day 7

Thicker neck now: a turkey? sea horse?
They meander, and wonder of course,
“What are we? a bird?”
From Jane there’s no word!
We tat on as we look for the Force!

It's great fun, Jane! Love everyone's thoughts and examples too!
Happy tatting!
Katie V in NC”

Love your rhymes, Katie.

Arlene has also just arrived - love the blue shuttle but can’t quite work out what the decoration is on it. This is what Arlene has to say

Here's my Day 7, Jane. I've changed my mind. I don't think it's a crane anymore. Now I think it's a turkey. Time will tell if I'm right, or completely catawumpus.
Arlene M
North Carolina, US”

A turkey?  It isn’t Thanksgiving is it, Arlene?!?!?  Well it could be an early one for later this year!!!

Bernice has got a great idea which she illustrates with her picture. She says

“ Hi Jane,
Here I present Raphus cucullatus the dodo bird. That’s my Day 7 Guess.”

Well Hallie has got a vivid imagination, I think!!!! Here’s her day 7!!!

Since I have no idea any more, it's time to be silly.

How about, a tepee with a doorknob? (Unlikely.)
A seal balancing a bowling pin on his nose? (Also unlikely.)

Thanks, Jane! I'm eagerly awaiting the next installment!

Best wishes,
Hallie in Wisconsin, where it's ABOVE FREEZING today!”

Excellent guesses, Hallie - I THINK!!!!

Alicja is next to arrive and she’s very kindly translating the TIAS for her Italian friends too. This is what she says

I’m very happy, Jane, that I can take part of your Tias… now I have a good company … my pupils . Some of them started only today (they need my translation in Italian). For now I’ve translated 4 days. Tomorrow I will the last 3 days and then we will follow you together We will send you our pictures.”

I’m really looking forward to an Italian invasion of TIAS’s!!!!

Margaret has forgiven me. She thought this was a - well, I’ll let her tell you!!!!

“Don't worry Jane, I'm not one for holding a grudge!
I am now convinced that my duck-billed platypus is gradually transforming into a 'slightly snooty' looking bird who knows he is near the top of the food chain!

Well it could be a bird but what sort of ‘slightly snooty’ looking one, Margaret?!?!? I challenge you to name your bird!

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