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DAY 5 link

Here’s the link to DAY 5.  Happy tatting!!!

For some reason the post didn't go out as scheduled at eight fifteen and it wasn't even 'driver error'!!!! Anyway overnighters in first. This is the top of the arrivals this morning along with the picture

I still have no clue what this is but I’m thinking it’s not an animal."

Rose Anne is next with her day 4 and this is what she has to say

"Here's Day 4 of the mystery tatting fun. I'm using Lizbeth size 20, colour 692 Mocha Brown Med.
Still have no idea what this will grow into in the weeks ahead! But I sure enjoy these little bits of instructions building to the finish! You Betcha!!!
Rose Anne Burdeny

Samantha has now popped in with her day 3 and 4 and this is what she has to say

"Hi Jane.
I totally forgot to take pics of day 3. But here is day 4. I am currently thinking seahorse. But really I have no idea. Lol. If anyone is interested in see the Tiktok’s I have made of the TIAS, my user name is RogueThreads.
I hope everyone is having as much fun as I am with this. Kind Regards

I'm sure people are interested, Sam.  I am.

Madhur's jolly bunch of several sizes now joins us with day 4. She says

"Dearest Jane
A very good morning to you. It's a cold wet morning here.
The day four link didn't work for me again today, though day before yesterday I could use it. Jenni came to my rescue once again
Love you Jenni.
Here are my day 4 results in various brands and sizes of threads.
The lilac is Anchor 20.
Looking forward to day 5
Hugs from

I don't think your country understands the TIAS, Madhur and are deliberately hiding it from you.  A case of 'hide and seek'!!!!!

Come on, Tat Land, you’re not going to let Jenni be first with her new piece of the TIAS every day are you?!?!?!? Well she’s done it again!!!!

“ Tricky today Miss Jane....
We decided on a spur of the moment dinner while out adventuring today.
Only just looked.
Nearly missed it!
Ok so it isn't a swan.....a duck!!

That's 'fast off the shuttles' too, Sam. You almost beat Jenni with your day 5!! Well, folk, this is what Sam says

"Hi Jane.
I am right on Day 5 today. Yay.
I am thinking it is either a seahorse or a dragon. Don’t know which yet but I am loving it.
If any one is interested here are the links to my tiktoks.

Getting ready.

I will post day 5 tomorrow. I need to edit the video. Lol.
I am totally using tiktok to keep myself doing the TIAS as I have never actually finished one. Hopefully this year is the year.
Kind Regards

I watched those videos, Sam.  What fun to think that something out of my addled old brain has made it to TikTok.  Thanks.  

Next to arrive is Elżbieta who says

"Witam po piątym dniu wydarzenia. Ciekawe czy to będzie jednak ptak wodny czy może konik morski. Trudno mi zgadnąć.
Pozdrawiam serdecznie

Hello after the fifth day of the event. I wonder if it will be a water bird or a sea horse. It's hard for me to guess.
Pozdrawiam serdecznie

I'm very pleased to think that you can't guess yet, Elzbieta!!!!!  Sorry but I'm such a tease!!! I love your idea of a goose, though.

Next to arrive is Marco and she's already done day 5 too. She says

"Here is day 5.
No Snail. But a baby crocodile.
Greetings Marco"

Kerstin has just arrived and this is what she says

Hi Jane,
indeed, my idea is still the same…
Have a nice weekend

You’re going to LOVE Marie-Claude’s flying duck, goose or something!!! I do. She says

Dear Jane,
A duck.. a goose... a swan... something swimming... it's a bit easy, I wonder if there isn't a trap... (but I want to remain in mystery and don't watch day 5 before).

Jacee is back now with day 5 and she says this

“ Hi Jane,
Here's my Day 5. I still think it is a dragon boat, no doubts about it!

Hmmmmm, I wonder!!!

Lynn is next to arrive and she has sent in two days which is fine. She says

“Here is my day 4 & 5. Life got in the way of tatting. My guess is a seahorse but I’m sure that will change as we go along. I sure have had practice on my split rings.”

I’m afraid I do love split rings, Lynn.  They can save a lot of adding in of new threads and stops and starts!!!

Jane has just arrived with her day 5 and she thinks it’s a seahorse and not an elephant. She says

“ Hi Jane, I liked the elephant trunk idea, but now I'm thinking sea horse.”

Alicja from Italy is next in with her days 1 to 4 and she’s inviting more people to join us. Everybody is welcome.
“ Hello Jane, I’ve tried to put in order all my steps and tomorrow I’m going to invite my Facebook group to follow your Tias . Love from Alicja (Italy)”

Liz is next to arrive and here are her comment and picture.

Hi Jane 
Thanks for all the info. I found it very useful. 
Just completed day 4. What fun it would be if it was a dragon
Are my vsp's ok. When photographed they look maybe too small.”

A dragon?  That’s a good idea.  Maybe next time?  Your vsp’s are fine.  Just as they should be.  

Wanda is next in with her day 5 and she has this to say

“Hello Jane. Here is my day 5. This was not as traumatic as day 4, LOL. Right now I think it looks like it will be a bird, but those joining picots on the back... Hmm...I guess we'll find out eventually! Happy tatting, Wanda”

Yes you will find out in the end, Wanda!!!!

Arlene has arrived with her day 4 and she says

Not a boll weevil, then. 
Flying squirrel! I have no idea why.
Arlene M
North Carolina, US”

Could be a flying squirrel, I guess!!!!!

The next message into the inbox was again from Arlene!!!  I know what you’ve been doing today, Arlene - catching up with the TIAS!!!  Here’s another guess from her

Ok, now I am thinking stork
ARlene M

Maren has just arrived with her day 5 and she says

Hi Jane,
Finally caught up! Here is my day 5.
I'm thinking dragon right now. Looking through the e-mails from last year I saw that I guessed dragon at one point there too Maybe I'll be right this time!
Maren in Stockholm”

Well, Maren, you’ll be right one year, I’m sure!!!!  

The next arrival in my inbox is Hallie who got rather carried away in her excitement at not quite so many picots or joins!!!!

Wow, I got so excited about 8 DS with no picots or joins that I got to do them an extra time...after opening the ring and untatting back to the join that I missed. Oh, well.

My earthworm, Nessie, snail, and swan are looking less likely. I could go for seahorse with that nose...but if it comes back in and joins, maybe it's a duck? Time will tell! Thank you, Jane! 

Best wishes,
Hallie in Wisconsin, USA. Warmer today--almost up to freezing! Going to take the dogs for a walk now!

Julie is the next person into my inbox and she says

At first glance I think it's a duck then I thought an alligator. The more I look at it I am thinking maybe a bird with a seed in it's beak.I just can't decide on any one guess today. Thank you for keeping me guessing. Julie

That’s always my aim - to keep people guessing as long as I can!!!

Coretta has just arrived now and she says

 Today it is an elephant. Maybe. 
I’m out camping with my youngest daughter who is hunting. Working in low light with a snaggy crochet hook for the bead and really stressed the picot, but it didn't break!”

CAMPING?  Isn’t it a bit cold for camping?  You’re a very brave lady going camping.  I camped once about 50 years ago and have never done it since!!!!  

Cheryl has just sent in her day 5 and she says

“ There's day 5. It's starting to look like a seahorse. My burnt fingers are improving quickly. I've had radiation treatment number 2 out of 16. So 14 more to go. The last
treatment went better and quicker than the first one. So next week we'll get in to a routine and all will go tickety boo. -- 

Bernice is next to pop into the inbox and she says

Hi Jane,
Great to see the anteater coming along nicely. 

Pamela has just sent her little ‘gang’ of TIAS’s. This is who they’re from

Day 4 from Libby, Day 4 from Jackie (pink) and me (2). You are teasing us too much, guesses are my Viking ship and figure head, octopus and elephant but in truth we have no idea… yet!”

Well this is an excellent idea now from Margaret. What does everybody else think? She says

Dear Jane, 
I knew it would grow up into something interesting - it’s obviously going to be a duck-billed platypus - at least until its sixth birthday!!!!! 

Ha, ha - sixth birthday!!!!

I’ve always said it’s never too late to finish a TIAS and has just proved my point by
Marla sending in her completed TIAS from last year!!! Here’s what she says

In preparation to starting the 2022 TIAS….. I finally finished the 2021 TIAS! I just wished I had some larger beads for the eyes …. He’s almost blind! 
A little late but I needed to empty the bobbins for this year’s TIAS!

Thanks for the chuckle!!!

Katie V’s team of TIAS’s has just arrived with the fiollowing comment

“Hi, Jane, here are my Day 5 critters! Today's tat seems to give them a beak! I wonder if it's true. Hmmmmm? One never knows with you!! Anyway, the unknowns are lined up "beak to beak", if that's what they have! 
More thanks for this fun game to you Jane and to the tatters with their guesses!
Katie V in NC”

Now you mention it it does look like a beak, Katie V!!!

This next message and picture come from Dorota who says

“ Witam cię Janie w sobotni wieczór zimowy więc myślę że to kaczka albo łabądź :) no cóż ciekawość to ludzka rzecz błądzić pójdziemy dalej i dobry weekend
Hello, Jan, on a Saturday winter evening, so I think it's a duck or a swan :) well, curiosity is a human thing to wander we will go further and have a good weekend

Stephanie is next to arrive and this is what she has to say

“ Here’s my Day 5. Toyed with the idea of it being a hummingbird, but the beak isn’t pointy enough for a hummingbird….I think. Still could be, though…. Also thinking it could be a duck…. But it could be something else…. 
Have a terrific weekend!
Big hug!

Now Rose Anne has been doing research on her guess and here it is

Here's Day 5 of Jane's mystery tatting fun. 
I'm using Lizbeth size 20, colour 692 Mocha brown Med.
Weelllll I think this is the first time or one of very few that I'm guessing so soon! Like others it might be a swan as Jane sure takes a lot of beautiful pictures of them! Buttttt I'm more leaning towards a variety of the Spoonbills!!!
Rose Anne

This next message is so lovely that I’m very pleased to share it. Mary Ann says

Hi Jane! I’ve been a silent follower for a few years and decided to send in my tatting this year. Could it be a porpoise? I’m working with a group of 3 others in Yuma, AZ, USA and we are loving it! Thanks for your inspiring gift. Mary Ann”

That’s amazing that you’ve been following quietly for so long but have now decided to join in.  I’m thrilled to welcome you Mary Ann.  Perhaps others in your group will join us too.  

This message tickled me from Pamela!!! It sort of sounded like an Irish invasion but a very welcome one, I might add. She says
“ Irish contingent Day 5 . Marjorie in multicoloured, Jackie in pink and I’m seeing double! We are seeing seahorses and duck billed platypuses!”

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