Sunday, 16 January 2022

More work coming in

Good morning from the middle of England and a grey day greets me yet again. BUT I have a full inbox so will get straight on with sorting that out. Day 3 will be tomorrow.

First in is from three people who's work Pamela has sent in.  She says

"From Libby, Jackie and me. Looking like a tail with a bit of a kink. . My bet was on a Sloth! Until I saw their teeny tiny tail."

I don't know which one is which sadly.

Next in my inbox is from AnnaMaria who has this to say - and she's right too!!!

"Hello again
Hope you are well and giggling of our attempts of guessing.
This is Day 2 of the TIAS 2022. Now I'm curious what can it be... Still think could be a centrepeed, or a butterfly from profile, or a dragonfly from profile.... Or a slug or a snail....oh well whatever might be its sure fun to make it.
Thank you again
Kind regards
Annamaria "

Carol is next to arrive and this is her comment

"Hi Jane,My day 2; I’m thinking a sitting dog with his wagging tail.
We’ll see if I can keep up.

Do you mean keeping the tail up or the game?  Remember there's no time limit on this - it's just for fun!!!

Next in my inbox is Maria who says

"Hello Jane,
Here’s my second day.
No clue yet but for sure it’s not linear….

Haillie is next to arrive and this is what she has to say

"I started a second TIAS so my first one wouldn't be lonely.
A detailed analysis of past TIAS shows that each has a mean of 13.25 parts, with a median of 12.5. Since the first two parts of this TIAS each have 4 rings, that means that we probably have a whole lot more to do before I have any clue what it is.
Not an earthworm. Maybe a pair of glasses? I thought of that when I took mine off, to see the thread better as I picked out my mistakes...
Best wishes,
Hallie in Wisconsin, USA"

That's a clever analysis, Haillie!!!!  I wonder!!!!

Bev has just arrived next and she's spotted a trick I use a lot!!! Here's what she says

"Hi Jane
I like the way you’ve given the split rings more stability. It looks like a tail, but not a dinosaur tail, sadly.

Yes I always stabilise my split rings if possible.  Specially important on a TIAS when people have no idea what's coming next!!!

Lynn is next to arrive and she doesn't have a guess yet either. I'm happy with this TIAS so far as nobody has come up with the answer - well, not that I'm telling anyway!!!

"I do not have a guess yet."

Ronel has made a re-start and is now more in 'tune' with the TIAS. Now is that a clue for you - in tune? I wonder!!!

"Hi Jane
I restarted with a size 20 thread. I’m much happier with what this looks like. Thanks for say 2. Looking forward to the rest.

Next in is Madhur from India and she says

"Good afternoon Jane.
A late start to the most enjoyable and exciting game.
I won't dare and make any guesses yet.
Enjoying it thoroughly and looking forward to day 3
Hugs from

I asked Karen if she was playing yesterday and she said yes but she'd had problems. We all know about those sort of problems, Karen. She's sent in her days one and two and says

"Yes, but I snagged the thread badly..."
Good to see you again. 

Next in is Celine who has this to say - an interesting couple of guesses, Celine.

"Hello Jane, I am done with day 2.
This may be a tail from an animal or the bottom of a cup of tea!
Have nice Sunday
Cheers from Normandy

A few hours later and I have another arrival in my inbox. This is from Alicja who says
“ What am I making?… I think that it will be a lizard Greetings from Alicja (Italy)”

Now I have a new TIAS from Dana who has sent in her day 1. Welcome, Dana. She says
“ Zaczęłam zabawę Czekam na kolejny etap
Pozdrawiam Dana

I started playing 🙂 I am waiting for the next stage
Regards Dana“

Stephanie is really thinking hard about this year’s TIAS. This is what she says

“Here’s Day 2. Now there are 2 of them. A third one (in tiny, tiny sewing-size quilting thread) threatened to make his appearance late last night, but I put my foot down and said NO! It was time to go to bed, even for a night-owl like me.
Tried a different background. They didn’t seem to show up well with the white scanner lid behind them.
Started with size 20 thread. He brought a friend with him for Day 2, the little guy is a vintage size 80 thread.
The curve on the end of the ‘tail’ of the size 20 version reminds me of how a cat will hold his tail when he’s relaxed – with that little bit of a curl on the end of it. However, it cannot BE a cat unless he’s wearing something on his derriere – there are picots on the ‘outside’ of the ‘tail’ which – to me – indicate there will be something joined there. So, no cat.
DH said – for both the Day1 AND Day2 installments – that it looks like a foot (after Day 2 was tatted, he said a foot on a LONG leg). He ALSO thinks it looks like the bottom of a hockey stick. I *guess* he could be right – there would still be plenty of time – and pattern ‘installments’ – to make someone HOLDING the hockey stick….or someone – or something – attached to the ‘long leg’ with a foot on it. 
Me, I have to say I really don’t have a clue. All I can say is I know it’s most likely NOT a cat, since that’s the only thing that occurs to me at the moment, and why would we tat a cat from the end of the tail instead of ….from some other place ….to start?
Lots of fun! Have a terrific week!
Big hug!
I’m not saying a word about whether it’s a cat or not!!!  You know I don’t give any clues!!!

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