Saturday, 15 January 2022

Day 2 available now

 Here’s the link to Day 2.

First in this morning are the 'over nighters' who arrived while I was sleeping. First of all Laura says
Here is my Day 1. I think it is an ocean wave or a boat. My husband thinks it is a lollipop!
Laura M."
I wonder - the thought of a lollipop when I look out of the window at the frosty foggy day out there makes me shiver!!!

Next in is Patricia - another veteran TIAS participant. She says
Thank you for another turtle (sorry, turtle and Tat it and See both start with T)....a little confusing-don't you think?
Having tatting fun in Muskogee Oklahoma, using Lizbeth size 20, #187 (Green Ice).
Patricia Lyn Cobb

Now first in again with her next day is Jenni but this time with her Day 2 who must sit on her computer waiting for me!!! I schedule releases so I don't have to hurry to the computer!!! This is what she says

"Hi Jane.
Day 2 and still no idea. Will hazard a guess.....a swan.
No sneaky tatting tonight!
Ben's birthday but he is used to being upstaged by the TIAS...we celebrated his birthday last night instead as we had a full day of first aid duty today, so all is well.

Next to arrive with Day 2 is Kerstin who says
"Hi Jane,
here it is

Day 1 I thought „oh, what a cute tail of an earthworm”, now today I think “uh, a very big tail…”
I’m looking forward to day 3
Have a funny time
Kerstin from Germany"
Thanks, Kerstin.  You're the second person to get your day 2 to me!!!

Helen is next to pop into my inbox and she says
"Hi Jane
Helen here known as Tattered with my second result of tias 2022. I’m guessing maybe a rocking chair rocker bit? Lol. Tyfs. 
Hugs Helen from down under.

Next in is Jane who has sent in her comment and picture. Here's what she says

"Hmm, it's wiggling along, making preparations for attachments, I assume."

Well you'll find out eventually, Jane!!!

Barbara has a good idea already and she thinks it's a - well, I'll let her tell you.
"Dzień dobry Jane!
Mój dzień 2 gotowy. A ponieważ uważam, że to będzie krokodyl /początek od ogona/ to powinnam zmienić kolor nitki. Hmm.. Albo będę miała niebieskiego krokodyla. Dlaczego nie?
Uwielbiam to i oczekuję na kolejną część.
Słonecznie pozdrawiam. Barbara

Good morning Jane!

My day 2 is ready. And since I think it will be a crocodile / the beginning from the tail / I should change the color of the thread. Hmm .. Or I'll have a blue crocodile. Why not?
I love it and look forward to the next installment.
Warm regards. Barbara"
I'm sure any crocodile would love to be blue, Barbara!!!!

Anita is back now with her day 2 and she has this to say

"Hi Jane,
It looks rather like an arm, or a snake, a worm… You are a master in keeping it a secret until the very end, so I am sure it will take many more days before I have any good guess.

I love keeping secrets, Anita!!!

Sam is next to drop in with her days 1 and 2. She's made a resolution this year and that is to finish the TIAS!! Here's what she says

"Hi Jane.
I have never actually finished one of your TIAS’s. I am doing TikTok’s of each day hoping that this will make me finish this years. I don’t have a guess yet. I absolutely love your patterns.
Day 1
Day 2
Kind Regards
Sam (RogueThreads)"

Does this mean that TikTok is the modern way of making a New Year's resolution, I wonder?

Andrea has decided not to stop at just one TIAS!!! Here’s what she says
“ Hi Jane, here are day 2 tats. I have a couple of ideas for sketches, but will wait for day 3 before sharing
Andrea x 
Looking forward to seeing what your ideas are, Andrea!!!

Next in my inbox is Elżbieta from Poland who has this to say

“Z ciekawością co będzie dalej, efekt po 2 dniach:
Z serdecznymi pozdrowieniami z Polski
With curiosity what will happen next, the effect after 2 days:
With cordial greetings from Poland
I love your cheerful picture.

Dorota has also just dropped in from Poland and this is what she has to say

“Witaj Jane zastanawi się co to będzie uściski na weekend z Polski
this me
Welcome Jane wondering what it will be 🤔usci on the weekend from Poland 😘😁”

Welcome to a newcomer now with her TIAS 2022 days 1 and 2. Here’s what Agi says
Dear Jane
I'm very happy, that there is a game. I love very this game. The 1th and the 2nd days. 

Wanda is next in with her day 2 and this is what she says
"Good morning Jane. Here is my day 2. Hmm... nope, no guesses. I do love seeing what others are guessing.
Happy tatting, Wanda"
I agree with that, Wanda!  The crazy guesses are what makes the game fun.

Olympia has also sent in her day 2 and here's what she says.
"Thanks 😊 

Julie is next to arrive and she's enjoying the game so far!! Here's what she says

"Thank you for the fun. I am enjoying this so much. My snake is growing longer but I am excited to see what he will morph into as this game continues. Julie"

Another day 2 has just arrived from Marie-Claude who says

Hello Jane,
My Day 2 is : the "J" of Joy... Joy of tatting of course!!
Now that’s a good guess, Marie-Claude.  Hmmmmm I wonder if that’s what it’s going to be?

Marco is back with her day 2 and this is what she has to say
Good evening, here is day 2.
Still no clue .
Have a Nice weekend 
Greetings Marco”

I’m surprised but pleased that you don’t know what it is yet, Marco!!!!

Coretta is now back with her day 2 and she says
“It still could be an alligator tail. But I’m also thinking feathers. Today is a quiet day for a weekend. But I finished crocheting a warm hooded cowl for my mom so I’ll be off to the post office to send that. Interestingly enough it is in a very similar yarn color.”
A warm hooded cowl would be useful over in England at the moment, Coretta!!!  I think that will be my next crochet project!!!!

Mary Jane has sent in her TIAS and here is what she has to say
“ No guesses yet, So exciting soon as you wake up go to JANEs blog”

Patricia has kindly sent in Mary Anna’s day 1 and she says

Here is Mary Anna Robinson's Day 1. She has never been able to participate before because she doesn't have access to the internet.  Not because she didn't want to!”
Thanks, Patricia. 

I was just about to turn off my computer and go to bed when these last two popped in!!!

Firstly from Margaret who says

“Day 2 e-mailed completed. I am sticking with the rocking horse guess for today, but with a lot less hope than after day 1!
Heee, heee, heee!!!

Finally today I have Judy’s day 2. Heading for bed right now but will be back in the morning. Here’s Judy’s comment and picture for her day 1.  Oh and my humble apologies about the split rings too!!!!

“ Jane, 
Told my husband last night..Jane is mean.. "How?".. she started the TIAS with only 1 ring and the next split rings.. and she knows I don't like them.. and she will probably laugh.. ( lol) when I finished today's I saw 2nd day and took a peek... argh.. will start that tomorrow.. 
Judy ”


Liyarra said...

LOL nope. Nowhere near my computer. Was actually coming back from a St John Ambulance duty at the time you posted!. Didn't get home until 1930! But it was the first thing I checked and my shuttles were ready to go.

MomDea said...

Having fun with split do I leave a photo?

MomDea said...

Having fun with split do I leave a photo?

Jane Eborall said...

MomDea - if you read the instructions you'll find the email address to send your pictures and comments to. Welcome aboard.