Thursday, 13 January 2022

More arrivals overnight

More Day 1 arrivals have come in so here they are!!

First is from Julie who says
"Perhaps a snake as the thread wiggled into place. Julie"

Nancy is next with her day 1 and she has this to say
"Hi Jane
Here's my day 1. Since mine's red I am guessing a tomato or a heart.
Although right now it looks more like a caterpillar!

Next I have a picture from Brookie. Here it is.

Next to arrive in my inbox is from Bev who says
"Greetings everyone! It’s so great to start another TIAS. Thank you Jane!
No idea what it is yet, but I am hoping for a dinosaur. My little grandson would be very pleased.
Bev "

Before I leave to go out shopping I'm uploading Jane's TIAS day 1. She says
"Hi Jane,
I'm a bit slow off the starting blocks this year, but I get there eventually! I'm using my silver shuttle, my own TIAS tradition! Too early for guesses."

Marie-Claude is next to arrive and she has this to say. I LOVE the way she’s turned hers into a heart!
“Dear Jane,
Thank yo for this new TIAS (I participated last year). 
Here's my Day 1. No guess yet, but I thought a heart would be a great way to start the year.
See you soon for Day 2
Marie-Claude from France”
I’m very happy you’ve come back again this year, Marie-Claude.

Day 1 has been sent in by Wanda now and she has this to say
“ Good morning, Jane. Here's my day 1. No guesses, just waiting to see what comes next.
Happy tatting, Wanda”

Good to see Marco back again this year too. She says
Hello Jane,
Here is nu first part . No ideas yet.
Greetings Marco”

Now the next in the inbox is the finished TIAS. NO, not this year’s but - well I’ll leave it to Joanie to tell you all about it!
“ Dear Jane,
Is there a statute of limitations on a TIAS??? When is it too late to send in a picture of your (my) TIAS??? I started the 2018 TIAS when you put the pattern out and followed you for 4 days. Then my Dad died and I lost interest in working the TIAS. Periodically, I did look at the pictures and comments you posted on your blog! So I knew what I was tatting, when I picked it up again a few days ago! But I did want to let you know that I eventually finished her!!! There is a picture below as proof!!! : ) 
I know that you design and write the most amazing patterns!!! But I wanted to tell you some specifics!!! As I turned her body, working the chain around the split rings in the middle, I was amazed at how having a greater number of stitches and joining them would give a slight curve to her tail! Interesting how you worked her neck!!! With the curves, it looks like a real neck! She also had a dislocated left shoulder awhile back, but it is all healed!!! I do wish I had used a little bit larger seed bead for her eyes! (So will the bead for this TIAS, need to be more on the larger side or smaller side? I have never heard of a size 9 bead and just want to have a “proper” size bead for this years TIAS!)
Now for the real reason that I finished the mermaid...I want to participate in this years TIAS!!! I figured if I finished the mermaid, I could use (find!!!) the two shuttles that were still attached to her!!! Seems I can’t find my tatting implements, but I KNOW that they are here!!! : ) Here also, is day 1 of the 2022 TIAS!!! I sure hope to keep up with you on this one!!! AND complete it!!! : )
For the mermaid, I used Tropical Fruit Lizbeth, #20 thread.”
To answer your question about the bead, Joanie, it does need to be a little bigger for this TIAS. Also there’s no time limit in sending in finished TIAS’s either!! I did chuckle that you sent her in, though. 

Liliana is next to drop in and she says
“ Ciao”
Welcome, Liliana. 

Stephanie is next to pop into my inbox and she’s been deliberating on which threads to use!! Here’s what she has to say
“ So here’s my first whatsis. He’s kind of shy, so all you can see is this little bit so far. When he becomes more comfortable with his environment- which will probably happen every few days - you’ll be able to see a little more of him each time.
Thanks for doing another TIAS. I’m not alone when I say I love it. I think a large part of the online tatting community loves it. Just what we all need to get through the darkest days of winter and keep us happy and guessing until spring is near.
Have a terrific week!
Big hug!

Pamela has just sent in her Day 1 and is itching to get onto Day 2 as well. She says
“Hi Jane
Here is Day 1
Waiting not so patiently for Day 2

It’s great to see friends from previous TIAS’s arrive in my inbox and this time I have two in one with Kay Lynn and Aonghas. Here’s what was said by Kay.
Dear Jane,
Well, it's Aonghas here (on the job!). I'm 20 months old now, so I'm a bit smarter now and maybe my guesses will reflect this. My momma had trouble getting started this year. First of all, she's operating a new System 11 computer and it doesn't seem to want to talk to her scanner. She fiddled and fiddled, but no success yet..... She'll work on it later. Since she had scanner trouble, she just used her iPhone camera to take a photo of her tatting. She and I both KNOW how tricky you can be, so we guess today that it's not a worm or critter that has segments even though it looks like that now. We'll have to study the changes as we go along. We're looking forward to the fun.
Inspector Aonghas wishes you a Happy 2022 TIAS!
Aonghas & momma, Kay Lynn”
Love your pictures Kay Lynn and I look forward to the next one too!

Next to arrive is Martha. Here’s what she says
“ Dear Jane:
Here we go again with the TIAS! When choosing a color, I thought you can't ever go wrong with white or ecru, but that's too boring. I picked up this almost used up ball of bright blue and I'll take my chances. Oops, just realized I did the last split ring wrong, darn.

Margaret has arrived now with her Day 1. She says
Thanks for another year of tatting fun and puzzlement! Will it turn out to be a bird, or a 'plane, a worm or a rocking horse (my guess for day 1 - but who knows after day 2)! 

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