Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Welcome to Tuesday, everybody.

I was going to release day 4 today but there are still a few people catching up!!  Tomorrow will be the time for day 4 now.  Also I'm going to be busy today and I'll have more time on Wednesday to pick up and post the 'incomings'.

Things WILL speed up slightly towards the end as it may become obvious what the result will be!!!

OK, let's start on this morning's mail.  First in is from Sue who sends this picture:-

Now the next picture and remark are from Mary who says:-
"I am really curious as to what we are making.  I am not use to tatting in steps and having to wait for to see the outcome."

Next in is from Star who sent this picture.

Now we have Patsy's offering and her following remarks:-
"Looking at everyone's colors,  if it's an animal, they're going to be some wild colored animals.  The first two days remind me of the kites they fly on the bay in San Diego, CA, USA."

Now we have some very profound thoughts from IsDihara who says:-
"Hmmm, I also happened to notice the file-naming schema for your PDF files.  Day 3 Harry...Day 2 Lily...Day 1 Ene...

Do these file extensions make anyone else think of the Harry Potter novels? Could we be tatting something with a witchy, wizardly or generally magical theme?
Jane did comment on one previous participants guess as being "magical."  I wonder.
Aside from that I can't get the image of kitty whiskers out of my head. And day 3 reminds me of a kitty nose. (Wish I were as artistic as Martha. If I were I could sketch out a quick and darling kitten face to illustrate my guess. Sadly, cute kitten faces don't work well drawn using stick figures. LOL!)"

The next offering is from Elizabeth who says this:-
"I finished day 3; thanks for the info on how to do a picot at the beginning,  it’s no where near as complicated as I thought."

Kelly has sent these links to her blog and her TIAS's!!!  Here's day 1 and now days 2 & 3.  Thanks, Kelly.

Next I've got Anita's offering of day 3 along with 1 & 2!!  What lovely colours too.  Here's what she says:-
"I don't have a guess, just hoping I got it right, and that I have the necessary skills to complete the project.  Loads of fun."


Carol Lawecki said...

Good Morning Jane or rather where you are good afternoon. I have completed the TIAS and I am caught up, just no time to post it yet. I do have a question. Your first picture today is by Sue, I wanted to ask Sue what are the color she used? The variegated thread is so pretty, but I really like the steel blue color to the left. Can you help me find out the colors?

Also, I am anxious for day 4, will it be released soon? I have no clue what I am tatting, but I know it will be awesome!! Have a super day!

Jane Eborall said...

I've written to Sue to ask her and will let you know as soon as I hear!!! Either directly or on this blog as another comment!!! Day 4 will be tomorrow morning - our morning, that is!!!