Sunday, 31 January 2010


Thankfully more Normans are still wandering into the coup.

The first one today was 'kidnapped' off Jeff's blog which is well worth a visit.  Here's the link.  There's a lovely tribute there to Mary Konior too.  Here's his rooster - a handsome beast all the way from CANADA.

Next rooster is from Doris in ENGLAND who says:-
"Jane, here is a left handed rooster I have compleated, great fun. still having problems with the computer. best wishes .  Doris R (Notts)"
Now we have a rooster from Jane in ENGLAND who says:-
"Well I finished but not sure he looks like he’s ‘sposed to I think I got things a bit twisted.  Anyway here he is in all his glory.  Thanks for the fun and looking forward to more in the future."


Ginny W said...

How many Normans did you end up with?

Jane Eborall said...

At the moment it's between 60 & 70 but I'm expecting a few more to toddle in!!!! I'll give a total in a week or two's time when I close the door of the coup!!!!!

Jeff Hamilton said...

My Norman doesn't mind being kidnapped, Jane. I think he enjoys the company. Thanks for the mention. And you got my country right!