Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Here are some more Day 1's!!!  

First that I've picked up is from Brenda who says:-
"Hi Jane. this is my tat and see.  Didn't know how to tie so left it."  
Looks GREAT to me, Brenda.

Next is from Elizabeth who is suffering from the cold!!!  Try living HERE, Elizabeth!!!
"Here is my first part.  I managed to tat it even though it is so cold here.  Probably be 18 tonight.  So much for living in the south."

Now this is from Joanie - what a hoot, eh?
"I want to play too!!!  First is a picture of my TIAS!!! Oh wait, that is the one I had to finish so I would have shuttles for the NEW TIAS!  Second is the picture of the new TIAS!  Hopefully I can/will keep up with this TIAS!"

Now we have Deanne who says:-
"I had to finish this before I went to sleep.  It's Tuesday, 11:20pm here in Austin, TX.
I had a hard time but I think I did ok considering I'm a beginner.  Wasn't able to achieve working in the threads at the beginning so I sewed them in with needle and thread after it was completed.  Hope I can keep up with everyone.  I did learn a lot so this is a great experience for me." 
Well done, Deanne.  You've made a fantastic start.

Now we have a comedienne amongst us - well, another!!!!!  This is from Martha Ess:-
"This is obviously going to be  a snowman with a fringed scarf."

Final one in on this first blog post of the day is IsDihara who says:-
"Here is my Day 1 attempt, made using Lizbeth size 40 in color 107 Tropical Fruit. Can't wait for Day 2 to be released."

Nearly missed Linda who'd found her way into my spam folder!!!!  Here's her contribution which is GREAT too:-
"This is the only way I know how to let you know my progress.... If I am doing it wrong please let me know.  This is interesting! I have never hid both threads at the same time. I have watched the progress of many TIAS but never participated because I never figured out how to do split rings. This fall I figured out the split rings and I am on a roll... Very good instructions, you have not lost me yet!  I am using size 20 Desert Bloom with orange and purple for second colors."


Anonymous said...

Sending my TIAS sometime today. I have never done it yet, so it should be fun. I know Carol loves doing the TIAS. Love you and your work. Oh, one more thing, your son tatman is a sweetheart, but you already knew that. He is doing a doxie pattern that I was looking for to do. It is wild because he is one of my favorite designers. Have a blessed day.

Carol Lawecki said...

Hi Jane,

Looks like everyone is off to a good start. I just finished my piece. LoL, Martha is so funny, snowman scarf indeed!! Looking forward to part 2.