Monday, 25 January 2010

Later on Monday

First in on this posting is from Shanan who knows a lot about chickens!!!  Here's what she says today:-
"Here is my little white roo.  I think I will call him Snowball, since we already have a real hen named Snowflake.  She is Speckles' mother, so This fella here is Snowball, lol."

Margaret has come up with a good question but sadly I don't know the answer except to put it down to poetic licence again!!!!  Here's what she asks!!!!
"Here is my one legged rooster!  How does a one legged rooster scratch for his food?"

Next in is from Mary who says:-
"Well here is my days 7, 8 ,9 and 10.  Its beginning to look like a squid.  Its funny the color choices we all made for such an ugly sea creature.  It sure is making him look quite pretty with all the color choices."

Next in is from Karen who says this:-
"Hello here's my latest effort hope it looks alright to you? am glad that you put drawings up as well as am left handed and have to look read and ajust. ps dont want wednesday to come :-("
Actually, Karen, nor do I!!!!!

Next in is Caroline with a story about her rooster!!!!
"My daughter called and we talked about having chicken soup for lunch.  I was closing a ring when he heard us talking and he jumped so I had to frog the ring.  I explained to him that lunch would not include him unless we gave him some of the corn that is in the soup.  He felt better then and now as I take his picture for you it looks like he is standing on tipi toes and crowing. --"

Next in is from Kelly who says:-
"While it is just noon here so I hope I am not interrupting your dinner. I am still working on the TIAS and have attached my update to Day 10. I had alittle trouble with the colour changes with Day 8 but I think it has worked out OK.  Enjoy your dinner. And I am looking forward to Wednesday!

Now, I'm worried, VERY worried.  What IS happening here!!!  This is from Ann who says:-
"I am midway through Day 10 AND the wood floor.  Thank you - I needed some good MOJO!"

Next is from Joanie who has a very good question at the end.  Wonder what the answer is?
"Here is day 10! I had such trouble with him today! Is it because I sat at the computer to work on him??? I tatted the SR's to tightly and then got bare thread spaces between the SR's. Then the last chain was really 'above' ring 8 and the join made him more wavy than he was!!!! Next time I will have to be a little more patient and move to the couch to do my work!
What others have identified as his 'leg', I was thinking was part of his tail! A most confused rooster! Maybe just the tatter!
I have so enjoyed what people have said while working on this TIAS (as with all of them!) and also watching their progress as well! All the different colors! I like what Karen said that it was a very colorful farm yard! And I do not want it to end either! Many, many thanks for brightening our days!!!!
Question - Will Isa's winner become dinner?"

Next in is from Unarae who says:-
"Well, here is my humble efforts!!  This little guy reminds me of being on the farm and being woke up every morning  with his cock -a-doodle do..  I thinks he is a big Rhode Island Red  ROOSTER..
Sorry did not have use of the scanner so it had to be with an old digital get the image..
This has been lots of fun."

Next in is from Heather who has had a few problems to solve.  Here's what happened:-
"Ohhh Jane I think I need to borrow your brain  cell #3
Where you reminded everyone to be sure they joined the wing. I didnt understand and thought well apparently I did that HA HA NO I didnt. sooo I took apart well lets say I 'attempted' to take apart the tias I had crappy thread meaning its old :( So I spent part of my day re-doing said Tias and also decided I wasnt thrilled on the colors I had to do another. 

So when you are finished with brain cell #3 send it my way unless perhaps you have a brain cell #4 you arent using at the moment???"


Next in is from Deanna who says:-
"Here's Day 10.  I wish tomorrow was Wednesday."

Now here's Elizabeth and she says:-
"I didn't want you to think I had forgotten.  I cut some back and put in a bead I could see."

Next in towards the end of this Monday's evening is from Terri who says about her day 9:-
"Well, my fine-feathered friend is coming together quite nicely now (at least I think it is). I had to apologize to it for calling it an anteater earlier during the T.I.A.S but fortunately it understood that I did not have all of the necessary info when I was making that suggestion!"

Next one in is from Margaretha who is wanting Wednesday to come soon.  This is what she says:-
"Day 10 and no problems, think it might be a rooster!!!!! Waiting very patiently till Wednesday." 

Last for today is from Rayanna who says this:-
"As soon as I could, I got day 10 done and I'm thrilled with my self.  Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!"

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