Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The parade starts HERE!!!!

The parade of finished Normans starts here.  Please join the 'flock' whenever you like!!!!

First one in is Riet's obviously they are looking for trouble!!!!!  I would like to say a BIG thank you to Riet who has diligently translated each day into Dutch for her guild.  Many thanks, Riet.  This is why she is first to finish!!!!

Next in is Isa from SWEDEN who says:-
"Jane in this last day of TIAS my gratitude for all those moments you have given with your pacience and knowledge shared with us through your funny game TIAS. I hope you come back soon with an other TIAS. I'll be here :)
Here it's my TIAS day 11  the last one :(....
Thank and untill next TIAS"

Next in is also from SWEDEN.  Thanks, Kerstin.  This is what she says:-
"Here comes Norman the Swedish Rooster from a snowy and cold Engelholm in southern Sweden.

I've really enjoyed this as well as earlier TIAS, thanks a lot for them and your generosity with all your pattern."

Next in is from Ginny in AMERICA who says:-
"Here is my Norman!!  I think he looks good in green.  I know I was supposed to change colors in the head part but I was lazy that day and decided it would all be one color."

Next we have Geraldine's Normans!!!!  I did ask if people would let me know where there roosters were born and Geraldine has sent hers in with the map of her area.  SO funny.  Thanks for the giggle.  By the way - they are in ENGLAND.
Here's what she says:-
"Well the end is near, will try mum and babies tomorrow. as you see my normal two come from loughborough, leicestershire, but goodness where does number three come from "must have been on steroids and hiding." going to miss the fun, now need something else to get out of bed early for!!!!!! 

Next in the parade is Jane's Norman from SOUTH AFRICA.  She says:-
"Hi Jane, here's a South African Norman. Thanks a lot, this was very fun! Happy tats, Jane"

Now the next Norman or Wothi is from - yes, Marjan in BELGIUM.  She says this:-
"I have fallen in love with Norman (sorry Aileen and kids!) - that gorgeous tail, those black beautiful eyes, that wonderful body....  oh, yeah.... I'm in love!  I have send Aileen and the kids home because I want Norman all for myself.

Now a Wothi.......
Still a lot of people doesn't seem to know what a Wothi is and the funny thing is,
that everbody who partipated in your TIAS, made a Wothi!!
So tell me, if you can make one, how come you don't know them?
All the Wothi's I've seen, each one of them, are really WO nderfull THI ngs!

Jane, thank you so much for this TIAS, I loved it! And maybe, someday,
we can see another TIAS coming? hope so, hope so, hope so!!
 all my and Wothis love and let us know how many Wothi's came in!
 Marjan  - Dutch 'girl' from Belgium
I will certainly let you all know how many Normans or Wothi's come in, Marjan.  Just watch this blog!!!!

The next Wothi Norman is from Elizabeth in AMERICA who says:-
"My purple cow is so happy to have a blue rooster as his friend.  Thank you."

Next in is from CANADA - Anne is the owner of this Norman!!! Here's what she has to say:-
"HI Jane - thanks for another fun project.  I hadn't tatted for a while - too busy - but this got me going again."

Next is from Katie who lives in North Carolina, AMERICA. This is what she says"-
"Here are my boys, struttin' their stuff and, like Riet's boys, looking for the girls!  Thanks to you, they may have a lucky encounter soon.
Awesome fun, Jane, your TIAS!  Thank you, thank you."

Next in is from THE NETHERLANDS.  Marco has been ill but this is what she says:-
"Been sick in bed, but just  got out  for a while and finished our norman.  thanks for this tias and his familie and hope to see another tias soon."

Next in is from Carolyn in AMERICA.  This is what she has to say:-

"Here are my two Normans, one in 32 ga white-coated copper wire and one in Flora & Manuela 20.  I was surprised they both are about the same size.  It has been a pleasure to participate in my first TIAS and I look forward to more (hopefully soon?)."

Next is from Heather in AMERICA (Pennsylvania) who appears a little upset!!!!  Here's what she says:-
"sniffle sniffle, here is the last, sniffle, part of my tias sniffle...

I am sad its over. I really hope you do one again soon because I HAD SO MUCH FUN and my shuttles got a work out ;) you will be glad to know I havent used my needles only for helping out my daughter and a friend while they learn to tat :)
I think my pink rooster looks better than the funky green one, HA HA funky chicken lol
I had a blast and hope to do it again soon with you!!
(((BIG HUGS)))"

The next rooster in is from Kathy in AMERICA.  She says:-
"Here's my "exotic" rooster. Maybe you can call him a bird of paradise instead.  He's all in one color because I was using a thread exchange thread to make him.  It is Finca Size 16 that I received from Lily Morales."

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