Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Tuesday morning

I'm beginning to get very sad as it's nearly the end and I'm just going to miss everybody so much when it's all over.  I may EVEN have to do some of the dreaded H word jut to take my mind off my sadness.

Today I found Sue Anna first in my inbox with her day 8 and day 9 and this is what she has to say:-
"Hi Jane, Yeah I'm slow, what can I say. How does this look like a giant squid??!! Still say it 'crows' rather than 'splashes'. "

Next in is Anita who says:-
"Here is Rocky the Rooster... It's been a rocky road, but he's almost here!  What fun this has been, especially for a new tatter."
Well, if you're a NEW tatter, Anita, you must be one VERY clever lass to follow my pattern!!!!!  WELL DONE.  I'm very impressed.

Next is from Kika who's rooster is crowing like crazy!!!!  Here's her offering for today:-
"Random trivia of the day: Did you know that, in spanish, the sound a rooster makes is written 'KIKIRIKI'?"

Back again into this post is Sue Anna who has been very busy catching up while I've been asleep!!!  Here's her day 10:-
"Well here ia a picture of Rocky the Bantam Rooster from "Chicken Run"! He is decked out in Lizbeth size 20 Bright Orange and hdt lime green with hdt 'Celery' (both size 20) for his tail. Ready for the finishing touches and day 11. "

Finally on this early morning post (well, so far!!!) is Patsy who says:-
"Here is my day 10.  He's looking like one cocky Rooster. Proud as he can be.
Every one should have a lavender rooster with a purple comb on his head. : )
If he were a hen, she would probably lay lavender eggs.  LOL"

Next in is Sonja's day 10.  She says:-
"Here is a better day 10. In my second tatting I forgot something in the tail. I made a new tail. Still a lot of fun."

Next in is  from Jane who says:-
"Hi Jane, herewith day 10. Looking forward to the finale! Happy tats, Jane"

Even my sister who leads a very busy life has now caught up.  This is what she says:-
"Obviously fuelled by last night's haggis I've caught up with your TIAS! 
Burn's night was celebrated in true Scottish style!"

Oh dear, poor Katie. One of her roosters has fallen by the wayside!!!  Here's what she says:-
"here's one of my pair.  His poor buddy has to go in for surgery.  His maker, the most absent-minded one, missed the tatting storm of Day 8 and created her own on this simple piece.  Good grief."

Next in is from Madhur who says this:-
"I think it is a rooster...Or is it the first day's instructions were just practice patterns / techniques required for the TIAS 2010? Can't be very sure though."

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