Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The parade continues!

A new post is due so here we go!!!!

First in on this one is from Shanen who says:-
"Here is my sweet little Snowball.  He is checking out the bowl of fresh pale green hen-fruit we gathered this morning.  Yes, these eggs are pale GREEN, not white.  Our little flock of Americanas lay pale green and pale blue eggs rather than white or brown eggs. 
Here is a pic of our white roo, Pete, who looks a lot like my little tatted Snowball!"

Next in is my little sister, Sally from ENGLAND.  Here's what she says:-
"Well managed to finish Norman, and have attached him.
I also tried to quickly make another one, but it went wrong, you will see him on my blog which I am just about to publish."

 Next with a lovely story is Caroline from AMERICA.  I'm sharing this as it's so sweet.   Thanks, Caroline.
"Caroline from Omaha, Nebraska  USA
This has been so much fun.  Thanks Jane for all of the time you spent for us to have fun and learn.  When I was a young teenager living on the farm with my Aunt and Uncle we heard a peep, peep, peep.  We finally located it and it was a baby chick.  We let our chickens loose on the farm in the spring, summer and fall so we figured that one of the hens had been able to hide a nest from us and one of the eggs hatched.  The mother hen never showed up to claim the chick (Fluffy) so my cousin who is 7 years younger than me started feeding it.  It followed her around as though she was her mother.  When it came time to shut the chickens in for the winter the others picked on her unmercifully so my Uncle put her in the barn.  I don't remember how many years she lived but it was quite a few.  So I am going to name my rooster Mr. Fluff.  When I get the others made they will be the Fluff family.  I will send you a picture when I get them done.  Thanks Again!!!!!!!!!!!"

Next to arrive is from Brenda who lives 'just along the road'.  Well, that's an exageration as she's from 'up north' from me 'down here' but nonetheless she's in ENGLAND.  Let me tell you about Brenda.  We've never met but I can tell you she's a determined tatter!!!!  She's met things she's never done before and has persisted and persisted to get this TIAS done.  So, many congratulations, Brenda.  This is what she has to say:-
"Thank you!! Thank you! Thank you! Jane,
I have really enjoyed making Norman, even though I had a lot of miss fits before I got it right, I haven’t got him completely right now, but he looks good to me,I have to be pleased with him because I learnt so much.
So thank you once again Jane for your encouragement."

Next in is from Josie who lives here in ENGLAND.  Here's what she says:-
"Thank you for Rocky Rooster.  Now to finish his family.  best wishes Josie"

Next in is again from across the 'pond'.  Here is Debbie's from AMERICA.  This is what she says:-
"This has been a fun journey.  I have learned a lot doing this.  There has been some bumps in the road, but that is how you learn.  I hope Jane will decide to do this again.  It was really fun and exciting getting the new piece of the puzzle.  Loved it!  Here is my Final piece!  

Straight from another part of dear old England is Hannah's rooster.  This is what she says:-
"Thanks for all of the fun and excitement that you’ve created in tat-land over the last few weeks, Norman and Aileen will be VERY famous in tat-land from now on hope they enjoy the limelight!!  My “Norman” (or “Rooster-oooo” as I’m calling him!) lives in the UK and is hoping to find some friends / family soon....."

Next in is from Gina (forwarded by Riet) who lives in THE NETHERLANDS.  This picture is very clever and amusing too.  Here's a bit more about Gina:-
"And here is a rooster from Gina this Norman is born in Enschede a city in the east of Netherland near the border of Germany."

The next person to arrive in the inbox is Sonja from THE NETHERLANDS who says:-
"Here my day 11 with Norbert and his wife. Fun, fun, fun, I love it Thank you."

Now here's Deanna from AMERICA who has this to say:-
"Here is my Texas rooster in all his glory.  I love those little chicks you sent us.  Thanks for all the fun."

Jacqui from ENGLAND was in next with this lovely picture of her Norman.  This is what she says:-
" - all done and mounted on a magnetic backing to make a fridge magnet.  Thanks for all your hard work - I've really enjoyed making it."

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Nancy in Dallas said...

How cute! I did not join in the fun, but I did follow everyones work! I love it and have enjoyed each and every day! You have such wonderful ideas...