Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Tuesday morning

 was going to give out day 7 today but day 6's are still staggering in and my sister hasn't even FOUND her day 5 to start on it yet.  So, Isa, blame my sister!!!!!

First in today is from Margaretha who says:-
"Well here is day 6 it was quite easy even though I haven't used beads before. And it was really hot here about 100+ in the house!!!! not much better outside. Had the air conditioner on so that made life and Tatting easy!!!!!!!"

Next today is from Bev who says:-
"Could not find the peach thread. Using another thread;  not the best color join I've ever done, but I'm caught up.  

I've changed my mind about the prawn ~ think I was just hungry!  LOL   I'm back to guessing along with the others; although the 'bird people' seem to be on the right flight path.  :>)"

Next is from Anita who says this:-
"Here's day 6, although I'm not satisfied with it.  Thinking about doing this whole piece over, maybe.  Still trying to decide how to switch shuttle when needle tatting.  I cut the thread from the ball, and tried threading the opposite end each time it said to SS.  Think that may be the key, but not sure.  My thread join was dreadful; haven't figured out a neat way to do that either.  Oh well... here 'tis anyway."

Finally in my inbox this morning is this from Debbie who says:-
"Keep on tat-ting, keep on tat-ting..........   Hi Jane, here is Day 6.  Keep em" coming!  LOL"

Next in is from Elizabeth  who says:-
"Here is my attempt at day 6.  Thanks for your explanation which helped a lot.  I couldn’t get it to scan in the correct position, but I am hopeful it is tatted correctly so far (although I’m not sure about the suitability of my bead!)"

Wendy is next and she says:-
"I am late again. I have not cut the ends yet. Can't wait to see what it is. I thought the brown motif looked like a horseshoe crab but if it is going to be part of something else, it sure isn't a crab. I chose green as the third colour. Is that good??"

Next this afternoon is from Marco who says:-
"here is part 6.  Greetings Marco.  p.s can it be a peacock?"

Last in today is from my little sister, Sally.  She finally found her TIAS - under some papers!!!!  This knack of losing everything must run in the family!!!!


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