Sunday, 10 January 2010

Sunday morning - a bit later!!

The first of the Day 3's are in.  Well, actually this one from Katie was in yesterday cause the monkey got my 'missing link' before I changed it!!!!  Here's what she said:-
"Just had the feeling Day 2 would show up today.  So, got up nice and early to check.  Yes!!  Here are my two "harrys".  (I tatted another "ene" yesterday.)  All done with time to spare before caring for the grands again today."

Now here's Jane M's and her remarks:-
"Great fun, thanks. Happy tats, Jane"

Next into the inbox is from Isabel.  LOVE your group picture, Isabel!!!
"TIas day 3: Thank you for the new way to do SR. I'm here early in the Saturday morning and the curiosity is growing and growing. You can see it  .  Have a happy day from me to you and all the friends around the world."

Now here's Riet's day 3 and she tells me the weather is VERY bad in The Netherlands.  This is what she said:-
"The pavements are difficult to walk on So can’t reach the woods there you can walk.  OK I sit inside and can tat Here is my day 3 picture."

Another Jane has just sent her day 1 in.  It doesn't matter when you start (or finish!) the TIAS - just go at your own pace!! It's the taking part that matters and the guesses!!!!  Here's what Jane says:-
"I am here just running a bit behind.  Here is day 1, hopefully I will have

day 2 later today.  Oh by the way my curiosity was piqued so I looked up 'wothi' and I think it means 'sweet' in old german.  Which sounds about right to me it does look sweet. Can't wait to find out what it is."

Now we  have Sonja's day 3:-
"Hello, here my day 3. Fun, fun, fun...."

Next in is Geraldine's and she says:-
"Here's my day 3. I used ctm to do day's 1/2 .  As i'm off work to-day, and it's cold outside i'm going to sit in front of fire and try again to do them your way."

Nearly lunchtime and now here's another in by Pamela.  She says:-
"here she is Tatskool's days 1&2 in Floretta"

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