Friday, 8 January 2010

Day 2

First in on Day 2 is Riet.  Riet has the links a few days before the rest of you so that she can translate them for her Dutch guild.  I'm SO grateful to Riet for this.  Here's her 'rendition' of the second day.

Now I'm in trouble from Marjan who has sent her Day 1.  Does anybody else know what a Wothi is?  I've even 'googled' it and still don't know.  I have a feeling that I'm being teased here!!!!  This is what Marjan says:-

"I am afraid my mailprogram didn't do his job yesterday.... can't find the mail I was supposed to send you.  Well anyway, here is my day 1 of the Wothi! she is looking gorgious don't you think?

I do have a problem now thanks to you.... You said you don't know what a Wothi is and that hurted her very much! Now I have a sad, very sad Wothi on my hand, crying all day, yelling at lunchtime, screaming in the middle of the night....
It is going to cost al lot of love, understanding en TLC to make this up to her....
And really Jane.... you've never heard of a Wothi??? tssk tssk.... girl... girl.....
lots of greetings!"

Well, next in was a second email from Marjan with more of her Wothi!!!!  Still can't find one on google!!!  I think the Wothi lives in your head, Marjan!!!!!  Here's day 2:-
"Good morning again Jane!  Here is my day 2 of the lovely Wothi!

She is doing better now, I've explained to her that you are a very lovely lady and did not mean to hurt her feelings.  But never heard of a Wothi..... still unbelievable....."

Now we have a super picture from Isabel and her friends!!!  She says:-
"Here it's my day 2. I can't guess what kind of things will be appear. Maybe in the next part."
Sadly, Isabel, I don't think you'll guess from the next part - unless you're a mind reader and my mind's not easy to read!!!!!

Now along wanders Heather into my inbox.  Here's her day 2:-
"My #2 is attached this is looking quite interesting I still have no clue what it could be??"

Tine says this:-
"after day 2, it looks like a tail of a veiltailfish.  Greets Tine"

Next to pop in is from Bonnie.  Bonnie's going to be away next week but has the links for days 3 & 4.  She's sworn to secrecy, though and if she says anything the tat police will raid her house and steal ALL her tatting stash.  Here's what she says:-
"Here is my Day 2, Jane.  Day 3 & 4 are sealed and ready for me to do while I enjoy a life of leasure next week.  I'm not sure I'll be able to get them to you until I return though, but I'll try to send via my cellphone to your email.   Happy TIAS.  See you in a couple of weeks."


Isdihara said...


I may have a lead to the meaning if Wothi...

Is Marjan perhaps from Indonesia or Australia?

I found a book listing in a Thai language (I don't read Thai...maybe someone else can help?) on an Australian library network that mentions Wothi in a book title.

Author: Somphong Witthayasakphan
Bib ID 1575261

Description: Chiang Mai : Khana Manutsayasat, Mahawitthayalai Chiang Mai, 2542 [1999]
347 p.: ill., maps ; 29 cm.

Subject: Tai Languages | Northern Thai language - history

Jane Eborall said...

Wow, you did better than me in finding out what a Wothi is. I think this is a big tease!!!!

Sue Cutter said...

Personally, from this side of the pond (US), I think it's short for Wot The 'Eck. That's at least as good as cossie for costume and pressie for present, don't you think?