Thursday, 14 January 2010

Thursday morning.

Good morning one and all.  Well, probably I should say good afternoon, evening, night etc to everybody who is taking part!!

First in this morning is from Marco and she says:-
"here is the  photo of part tree and  four.  I still have no idea what so ever !!!!"

Patsy is next and she says this:-
"Here's my Day 4 added to day 3.  

Just feel like those there in England/Europe have an unfair advantage.  Jane sends out the next lesson at 8:30 am and by the time, we on the west coast of USA receive it, it's 11:30 PM.  Oh well, I know I won't be able to guess it any way.  It's just fun trying to figure out what it's going to be.  This is my excuse, and I'm sticking with it. LOL"
The answer is that I should move to the west coast of the USA.  Right, Patsy, I'm on my way!!!!!

The next picture in which is SO bright and cheerful is from Alba who lives in Mexico. This is what she says:-
"Good afternoon Jane:  One of my goals for this new year is to finish your TIAS. Well this is my day 4 and the third color I will use.  Thank you very much for the drawing. It is almost impossible for me to follow the written instructions without the drawing.  I am enjoying this very much."

Here is Sandra's version of day 4 with her comments:-
"I think it could be a merry go round horse, with the fringe for the mane.  Or a jelly fish!"

Next is Wendy's picture and her guess:-

"I woke this morning eager to do Day 4 of the TIAS. It has become an obsession. Besides looking at what threads the other tatters are using, I'm also amazed at how creative their guesses are and the drawings they come up with.

I am beginning to think this part of the motif is a wig with tails. I think we will all have a good laugh at our guesses when the tatting pattern is finally revealed."

All the way from Chile next is Kika's day 4:-
"From Chile, along with the warmth of our summer, here I send the fourth day, and begins my wait for the fifth."

I think this is the last in this batch so I'll be able to get my shower and start the day.  Couldn't do this part without having had my first cup of tea!!!  Anyway, this is from Sue who says this:-
"Here are a Day 3 & a Day 4 ganged up together, but as you can see, we have them surrounded.  Sort of."
The title of her email was "The Wothis are coming, yo- ho, yo-ho!" and she also said that the lovely paper that is the background to her picture is her silk paper. Wowweeeee.

The final message and picture in my inbox is from Bernice who says:-
"Here is my day 4."

Another in this morning (a bit later on, I might add!!) is from Heather who says:-
"Heres my day 4 Jane. I wasnt much in the mood for tatting yesterday but I did tat last night...   
Still havent a clue on what it is... perhaps an elf?? with a funky hat?? lol"

Vanessa sent in her blog link which is here.

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