Sunday, 24 January 2010

Sunday's offerings!!!

First into my inbox this morning is from Rayanna who is a little bit behind.  That DOESN'T matter a jot.  Here's what she has to say:-
"Here is my TIAS Day 1 to Day 4.  I have Day 5 to Day 8 to do still but I have faith that I will get it done.  Here is a picture for you.   Thank you.  This is a lot of FUN."

Well I went back to my inbox and the next one in was again from Rayanna who has now caught up!!!  WELL DONE!!!  Here's what she has to say this time:-
"Here is the TIAS Day 1 to 8.  I have a feeling that I messed up somewhere but not sure.  My Partner-n-Crime Carol was not here Tatting with me tonight.  On occassion this evening, I was able to ask questions here and there but other than that, I had to let her return to her company.  I'll have to show her tomorrow and see what she says.  Thank you.  Oh, one more thing, this was the second time I did a pattern with a bead.  It is there is the photo it is just tiny. "

Now next in is from Deanna who says:-
"Well, I don't know if it is correct because, to me, everyone's picture looks different.  Also, I guess in order to get a ½" picot, I should have measured it to 1"???  I measured them to ½" and they look kind of small.  I will definitely be making this again when the whole thing is finished.  It has been a very good learning experience and hopefully the second time around I will do better."
It looks fine to me, Deanna.  Fine.

Now we have Martha's contribution to day 8 and she's solved the mystery!!!!!  Here's what she has to say:-
"This is obviously going to be a giant squid.  Comparison to the illustration should be conclusive."

Now I can start my day!!! Each time I put a new 'day' up I wait for Isa!!!!  When I have hers in I know I can get dressed and start my day off.  Here's her day 9 and her remarks:-
"Good Morning Jane:
Here in this beautiful Sunday morning, I send my challange. TIAS day 9, if you  see carefully :) My Rooster it has already a fighter, because in the background it's a family waiting for the winner :)  Send you and all the friends around the world my best wishes."

Next in is from Brenda who says:-
"This is my day 8. Right or wrong it is the best I can do."
I think you're doing VERY well, Brenda.  It's perfect.

Next picture in is from Marco who says:-
"here is a  picture  from part 6,7,8"

Next I'm going to add Riet's day 9:-

Next in is from Brenda who says:-
"If this is right I am going to fly away with the bird. It could be a Cockerel, Turkey, Chicken.
Whatever it is hopefully I have finished Day 9 without cutting off."

Now the latest report from Marjan and the Wothi!!!!  Here you go:-
"Goodmorning Jane and all Tatlovers world  wide!

 I really, really love Martha's Giant Squid!  It's a true confirmation of the existence of the Wothi's as you all can see!
Here is my day 9 of Wothi - Gorgeous isn't it!?
Only 2 more days,,,,, already I am beginning to feel sad, I will miss you al so much! Thank goodness we've got our Wothi's!!
 greetings and love, Wothi and Marjan"

Next in is from Geraldine who also is not looking forward to the end of the TIAS.  Here's what she says:-
"hello jane, well another days tias done. going to miss them when we finnish on wednesday. arrrrrrrrrrr"

Just another quick guess from Brenda who now thinks it could be a peacock.

I was just going to leave the computer when Katie popped in with her day 9's!!! Here's what she says:-
"Whew, we're back in the calm after the tatting storm of Day 8!  Here are my guys, puffing themselves up and thinking about the fine chicks they'll be able to impress very soon."

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