Monday, 11 January 2010

Later on Monday

I thought it was time to start a new post for Monday so here we go.
First in is from Ann who says:-
"Hope you are staying warm!  I am caught up with the TIAS now and here is my Days 1-3.  This is fun!  i can't decide if it is more like Blind Man's Bluff or the Telephone Game!  Since it's been SO cold for everyone, my guess is that you are thinking of warmer days or climates and the TIAS is a rare tropical flower.  Days 1&2 are the stamens.  Perhaps you are hinting that you have your floppy sun hat packed and are heading for sand and surf!  Just don't leave until after the big reveal!

Next is Wanda who has this to say:-
"Jane, here's day 3. Note to self: don't start tatting until you're awake!  I made it much harder than it really was. And the cat came to visit - I see a cat hair in the scan. But with all the different issues I had with this today I decided not to scan it again.  I'm hoping not to have as much trouble with day 4!

Here is Rosemary's day 3 and she says:-
"Day 3 was another challenge for me and I feel proud to have completed it.  Now I'm super excited about Day 4 instructions.  :)  I've never done anything like this before in my life.  It's FUN, YEAH !"

No picture yet from Sue but I couldn't resist posting her comment about the 'strange' Wothi!!!
"I have another theory: The lovely Wothi is likely a first cousin to the handsome Wotcher.  Doesn't he hail from London's East End?  After several false starts, I finally have a lovely Wothi of my own.  She's made with Lizbeth 20 in the Springtime colo(u)rway with Leafgreen Light and Teal Dark.  I'm guessing the Wothi's true nature will be revealed as feathered...perhaps with a crest or long tail.  What fun and what a challenge.  This is a bit like learning to ride a bike all over again!  Thanks for devising this and sharing."

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