Saturday, 23 January 2010

Heading towards evening on Saturday!!!

Thought it was about time to start a new post!!!

First in on this one is Debbie who says:-
"Ok, I re-did everything from Day 3.  I used the threads that I got off of Heather Johnston.  They are much easier to handle that what I was using.  It really made it easier to see what I was doing and it isn't as flimsy.  So, that's why mine looks different now.  I just wasn't happy with how it was turning out before.  Here is my TIAS For Days 7 & 8:
My guess is some kind of bird.  A Pretty one!
Here is a link to Debbie's blog too where you can get further details of the threads she used.

I've just 'stolen' this remark off Facebook from Barbara - with permission, of course!!!  She says this:-
"Hi Jane, I do not have a blog so I can not let you know or show you how I am doing with the TIAS so I am letting you know here if that is alright. Just finished reading you blog and don't worry I am sure it is just due to it being Friday. I finished day 8 and I think I did it right LOL. I am ready for Sunday!!!! Loving this TIAS!!!  I have done mine in size 80 as that is my fav to work with. I think I will be like Bev and come up with a name for it"

Next picture and message is from Patsy who's been 'prodding' me with guesses!!!  Here's what she says:-
"Here is my next installment in the TIAS.  Now my next mystery is - - are those rings with strings hanging down going to be part of the legs or part of tail feathers. Oh, questions, questions, that dear Jane creates.
She does like to keep us guessing, right up to the last minute. : )


Next in is from Margaret who obviously had problems - getting started on this section!!!!  I tease.  Here's what she said:-
"Managed to prise myself out of my chair today, so here is my day 8 of the TIAS"

A glass of white wine later (yes, I did say WHITE!!) and Joanie has popped in with her day 8!!!  Here's what she says:-
"Here is day 8. His 'neck' disappeared! I didn't like how my knot showed when I used the weaver's knot, so I took it out and used your 'figure 1' from day 6! It works beautifully and so much less hassle! You would think I would remember to use it every time!!!!! Thank you for finding SUPER ways to make my tatting nicer AND easier all at the same time!!!!"

Next one in (and almost bedtime for me!!) is from Geraldine who says:-
"hi jane sorry im very late with these, had hard day yesterday. just as bad today. spot the mistake. to many lock joins to put right  with out starting from SCRATCH HEHE what a lovely cockral we're tatting :) happy fun days geraldine"

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