Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Wednesday's newcomers

Day 6 will be put on the page on Friday and, as it's a short piece, the next part (day 7) will be on Sunday.

First in today is from Typstatting who says:-
"Hi Jane! Here is my next TIAS still can't see what it will be."

Here is a long and interesting comment from Jennifer B in CANADA.  This is what really, really cheers me up on another dull winter's day - the birthing of another bead addict!!!!  Here's what Jennifer says:-
"Jane, thank you so much for running the Tat It and See.  It must have been an incredible amount of work to choose and build the mystery animal, and deal with the emails that are coming in.
 This is my first TIAS and the learning experience has been incredible.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and reaching out to teach us.
 The first picture is my progress up until now.  What it is is still a mystery, but it is starting to look like the back end of a lizard or alligator.  This is the first time I've done anything with beads, and the beads on the picots are so incredibly easy.  You've inspired me to start another piece that's dolled up with a bit of beading.  The second picture is the new piece, a border from the Star book #18 -100 Edgings.  It's amazing what just a few beads do to add visual interest to tatting."

Next I have Jill's day 3 which came in a few days ago and her comment.  I waited for her picture which is also below:-
"I have kids so it can make it hard to keep up on things.  I caught up on the weekend & eagerly looked forward to day 3.  I printed out day 3 & got going.  Then I hit the dreaded "SR".  I looked in my tat books, nothing.  Went online & from some videos.  A good sorce of info but I'm a lefty so I have to flip everything over in my head.  I made it through.  Hope I did the "Lj" right. The computer I can download pics from is slow so I will send a pic later on when I can get the beast up & running."
I have a later comment from Jill which is very reassuring and in which she says:-
"I'm starting not to break out in a cold sweat when I see "SR" in the instructions."

Next is from Patsy who has this to say:-
"Here's my days 4 & 5 finished.  Looks like one badly deformed cross.  No good guess, yet."

Finally in my inbox this morning (pre-shower!) I have Martha's days 4 and 5 together.  A well known and well loved designer taking part in the TIAS - I'm so flattered, thanks Martha.  Here's what she says:-
"Ok, I got a little behind. Then I spent 2 days looking for the beads I had put in a safe place so I wouldn't loose them.  (They were in my roly-bag all along.) And now I don't think I like these beads anymore, so I may pick out that last ring. But not tonight.  Still having fun."
Next in is from Joanie who says:-
"Here is a picture of my day 5! I finally took time today to work it!"

Next is from Geraldine who says:-
"sorry for the lateness but the dreaded bug got,slowly getting back to things. Here is days 4 and 5. Well I,ve try ed turning it this way and that way, turned it up side down and back again. My brain matter (due to the bug) can't see any thing that I recognise as a animal, so unless its been steam roller ed I don't have a clue. You have me foxed this time."

Next picture of day 5 come from Wendy who says:-
"How about a terradactyl?"

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