Saturday, 29 January 2011

Saturday with more entries!!!

Good morning world!!!

First in this morning (well, my morning!!) is from Nancy L who has this to say:-
"Good evening Jane, here is my day 6, i still say little creature but hubby looked and sees an airplane. Men! (LOL) can't wait until day 7."

Next is from Wendy - and husband!!!  She says:-
"Dave reckons it's a penguin."

Now with added 'extras' is Kay Lynn's day 6.  Her comment is here:-
" looks like a reptile to me!  I must agree with some of the others who've posted their guesses along those lines.  Since our only reptile in our part of Interior Alaska is a wee wood frog, I can rule that one out!  Like others, I may have left my long picots in the center a bit too long, but they'll work for now.  Maybe this lizard has a broad backbone!  I've also noticed in the scanned image that my lizard has been associating with one of my Bernese Mt. there's Berner hair attached to one of those picots.  Hmmmmm!
It's -20 here in Tok, Alaska today, so thinking of reptiles that live in warmer climates is helping to keep me warm.  :-)  I DO so enjoy reading your blog and seeing the day's entries come in from all over the globe.  Happy tatting."

Next into my inbox is from Isdihara who has sent both days 5 and 6.  Here's her comment:-
"Busy day, but had a chance to tat at the doctor's office and finished up day 5. Like adding the bead so much I finished Day 6 too! Have been trying to come up with guesses and despite my cruel and twisted image of roadkill rabbit, the best I can do is a horned lizard:
Here is a link to a Flickr image of a horned lizard painting:
Or perhaps a Crocodile Skink:
What a great name, skink.  So now I wish to log my guess as a skink.  Hee, hee, such fun! Looking forward to Sunday, when you release Day 7!
P.S. Apologies to the tatter who is hoping for a rabbit."

Now we have Nancy E with day 5 who (like so many of us) originally forgot to attach her picture.  Why IS that so easy to do?  Answers on a postage stamp, please!!!  Here's her comment:-
"Attached it this time.  Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most!!"

Next is Star's day 5 to show you.  She says:-
"I thought it was a plane?"

A little later on Star came back into the inbox with her day 6 and said:-
"Here is day 6 from Star!!"

Following Star comes Katie V who sends in her 'tribe' of - ?????  She is also educating us all with an interesting fact too.  Anyway she says:-
"Now, Ms. Jane, these critters no longer look like a fleet of ships.  Instead, doesn't S/R 17 look like a nose and Ring 20 like an eye with a fine chain of an eyebrow?  We see two front legs.  So, clearly, it's a candle of anteaters, bellies on the ground, seeking delicacies!!  (Did you know that a group of anteaters is known as a candle?!  So nice to be enlightened, huh?!)"

Next in is from Omar who has this to say:-
"Here is day 6. I’m sure that all will become clear soon but at the moment I’m stumped. Looking forward to Day 7."

Back again into my inbox comes Nancy E who has this to say about the timing of the TIAS.  My apologies to those in the bottom half of the planet!!!!
"No clue what this might be.  Was thinking maybe a dog but changed my mind.  Thank you so much Jane for providing such fun to the otherwise boring months of January and February.  Dont mind being snowed in when Im having this much fun!!"

Now Denise pops in with her days 5 and 6.  This is her comment:-
"I fell a little behind, but I caught back up. I went ahead and completed both day 5 & 6. I have to say that I really love the TIAS. Sometimes when I sit down to tat I find that I get bogged down in the pattern. Maybe I just need to take more breaks or pace myself a little better. But the TIAS come out and it is enough to get some enjoyment from the tatting, but not so much that I feel like I'm ignoring other things I need to do.  And my guess now is a plane. "

The final offering in the inbox early (well, not THAT early - I'm retired, don't forget!) this morning is from Rose Anne who says:-
"OK I still think this TIAS is an airplane with the beads as the portholes and we're building towards the larger wings and front of the plane!  If not then I don't know what it is!"

Now this next comment is interesting.  Very interesting.  It just goes to show how easy it is to miss mistakes in patterns!!!!  IF you'd got somebody writing them properly in the first place this wouldn't happen!!!  
Two other people have tested this before it went out and a lot of you have tatted this far without saying anything about it.  Now, were you being polite (there's no need for that around me!!!!) or did you not notice either?  I've changed day 6 now but Karen spotted the mistakes.  Yes, plural - not just one!!!!  Here's what she says:-
"I have a question but first my day 6 is attached.  On the day 6 pattern you list some of the rings as attaching to split rings and they are just plain rings. Did I imagine that or do the pattern wrong?
It's most likely the latter! Usually operator error if I am involved! :)  Still no idea what I am tatting but great fun. Thank you for 'hosting' another TIAS."

Just in is Sharren's day 6 and she says this which might make a few people stop and think again!!!!
"Again, had this done since you put it up, but just today have had the chance to take a picture!
 It occurred to me after working this part that maybe those of us who've guessed it's an airplane just might be wrong.  If you turn it so the bent part is at the top, it looks like an animal with its head thrown back, front legs (arms?) open wide, obviously singing at the top of its lungs.  Which makes it an opera star, and I should have used black and white -- with black beads -- for such a dressy occasion!"

Next in is from Ladytats who says:-
"I was able to get this tatted last night, but didn't have the computer and scanner on, so you are getting it this morning.  I am usually pretty good at guessing what we are tatting, but this has me stumped.  oh well, it is fun to see what emerges as we go."

Next is a message from Becky.  She says this:-
"Heather M is my sister she started this... This is my day 6."
Welcome, Becky - sisters do lead sisters into trouble, don't they?!?!?!?!

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Ridgewoman said...

I just accepted the ‘mistake’ as a typo and kept on tatting. LOL Sez sumpin’ about moi; not sure what!

Day 6 has winged its way to you! xxxx P