Saturday, 15 January 2011

Saturday and Day 2

I've just added the link to day 2 but am a bit behind with publishing the Day 1's that have come in overnight.  Please bear with me - they'll be there a bit later!!

Pheewwww, that was a dash to get the blogs sorted this morning!!!
Anyway here are a few more guesses and pictures on day 1 - do keep sending day 1's even though some people are probably on day 2 now as I love to see them all!!!

First in is from Sandy in the USA (WA) who gave me these suggestions yesterday:-
"I just retrieved day 1 TIAS instructions. THANK YOU! Hmmmm.  Last night was our new group tatting meeting (The Tangled Threads) and I drank way too much tea that I erroneously believed to be caffeine free, thus I had a few wakeful hours to ponder great mysteries of the world including--- What is Jane's TIAS?  At the risk of totally embarrassing myself I'm divulging that my initial assumptions included a tapeworm, squirrel, chipmunk, skunk or something in the lizard line.  A salamander would be my most premature speculation.  Do I get to reserve the right to guess again?"
I await her pictures!!!!!

Next in is from Bernice who sends her picture of day 1:-
Next is a link to her blog from Liz in AUSTRALIA and she says:-
"Hi Jane - Just letting you know my first part is on my blog.  Thank you ever so much for again doing this fun challenge."

Well it had to happen, didn't it?  Here's Isa from SWEDEN in with her Day 2 - first as usual!!!  This is her comment:-
"I'm ready now :)  Here it's my TIAS day 2. I hope I have done it well, because I'm feel not well my self :( I get a cold, but with TIAS day 2 I'm feel better now :)
Have a great Saturday!
Isa from the south of Sweden with rain and +2 degree/36F. 10.16AM. :)"
After Isa's day 2 came in I could then go out and do my shopping!!!!  Now we have Nima who says this:-
"This is my day 2 progress...hope i did the chain thread join in the right looks like a catapillar now...:)  looking forward for day 3.  warm regards, Nima"
Next in is from Elizabeth with her day 2.  She says:-
"Here is my next part.  Now I have to find something else to do today.  Elizabeth"
Next in is from Margaret in the UK (Norfolk) who says:-
"It is so good to be doing a TIAS again, thank you.
Here are my days 1&2 together.  I started off doing one (the Green& varigated peach) then, knowing I would never do a second one later, I decided to do it at the same time, inspite of the fact that I have 5 other bits of tatting on my shuttles at the moment !  I can never pick the right colours so went for black & white for that one.  I think they are going to be Whatchyermacallits and have named mine Dan (B & W one) and Daisy.  Happy TIAS everyone.  From Margaret in a cold and windy Norfolk"
 Next in is Sarah's day 2 (from the USA) and this is what she has to say:-
"Hi Jane, Here's day 2. Humm what could it be? A carrier pigeon perhaps, to help out your beleaguered "fail mail". : ) Can't wait for more details to reveal themselves. Have a lovely weekend."
Slight delay between the last entry and this next one - well, I do have to eat, you know!!!!
The next is Wanda from the USA (Kansas) who has sent in Day 1 and Day 2 and says:-
"I'm going to try again on doing your TIAS. Last year things came up and it got put on the back burner. Hopefully this year I'll do better.  Here are days 1 & 2.  I have no guess as to what it will be, something cute I'm sure (designed by Jane, what else could it be???) I'll just wait to be surprised at the end."
Next in is from Barbara in the UK (just down the road!!).  She says:-
"I just finished day 2 of the T.I.A.S. I am sticking to my first guess that it is a somethingorother. Having so much fun."
 Now here is Rose Anne's day 2 - well done, lass for understanding an OG like me!!!
"Here are photos of the Day 2 steps"
Well I hope I get the next few 'incomers' right as I'm now the 'right side' of a glass of red wine!!!!
Next into my inbox is Sue Anna from the USA with her day 1.  She says:-
"Here is my picture for the first day on the TIAS.  It is done in Lizbeth size 20 in Lime Green and Juicy Watermelon. You have me stumped on what it will be."
Next is from Heather in the USA.  She sends in day 2 with the following comment:-
"This is fun, I cant wait to see more.. I have no clue on what it could be yet, hmmmm something with a tail LOL"
A newcomer has dropped in next - welcome to Kay Lynn in Alaska.  I'm going to publish her whole comment as I find it interesting - specially about being cold (mental note - must show Nick about 'cold')!!!!
" Well, I've been lurking for days now, and I've finally decided to "join" the fun.   Seeing tatters join from all over the world is truly exciting.   I've been tatting for 30+ years, so finding an online group of tatters is great fun.   I've never participated before; in fact, I didn't know about TIAS until I learned of it from another site.  I really don't have a guess at this point, but perhaps I will later.  I'm from Tok, Alaska which is in the Interior of Alaska   Here in Interior Alaska (about 90 miles from the Yukon Territory, Canada), it's negative 51 degrees F. this a.m.   When I hear of others talking about cold, I think this term is relative.   We don't consider it cold until it's - 35 degrees F. or colder.   Today it's cold, and it's time to booty my dogs' feet before they venture outside.  For me it means bundling in many layers.   Stay warm wherever you are and happy tatting.   Here's my Day 1 piece and also a photo I found of myself tatting in 1979.   I'm going to work on Day 2 now.  Stay tuned."
Next in is Arlene (USA) who thinks she knows what it's going to be - heee, heeee.  Here's her guess:-
"I think it's a dragonfly, with a beaded tail. No really. Stop laughing."
Straight in after Arlene is KayLyn again - her shuttles must be red hot even though it's SO cold outside!!!  Here's her day 2 and her remarks:-
"I've completed Day 2, and a scan of it is attached.   It is indeed cold here, but your TIAS site is helping to keep me warm mentally!"
Now we have Sue Anna's day 2.  You guys are keeping me busy this evening - thank you.  Here's what she says:-  
Here is a pic of my day 2 TIAS. You will see I'm also show casing one of your poke proof pouches and a pop-a-bobbin shuttle! I really like the poke proof pouch and I love this new technique. I can see it's application in other tatting projects! Thanks! Still no idea what we are making. This is fun!"

 Next is Sonja with her day 2.  This is her comment:-
"Here is my day 2 of the TIAS. Still no idea about it."


Rose Anne B said...

Ohhhh I'm enjoying this TIAS (my first) but I remember the same thrill from my mystery quilting projects!!! So far so good!!! Thank you Jane.

Sewicked said...

Sorry about the confusing background in my photo. It's a convention program and I had to snap the picture between activities.