Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Tuesday's work

First in this morning is from Arlene who says:-
"I accidentally skipped day 4, picture & email-wise, so here's my day 5.  I think it's an airplane, with bead windows. Am I right? Am I right? Huh? Huh?"

The next message is from Monica but her picture hasn't arrived yet.  This is what she says:-
"I have here a (crappy) picture of my day four TIAS piece. I did not get a day 3 one, as I was on a car when I finished it. This will be the TIAS piece tatted with best scenery! I now think it will be a submarine. I seem to be fixed with the sea!"

Now we have Erika who has had mysteriously changing picot problems.  Here's what she says:-
"Oops! When I began the work on day five, surprise! A little picot has grown (by itself, I'm sure). So I started again, and here is day five."

Next today is from Jeanne L who says:-
"Here is my day 5.  For being half way, it sure is hard to figure out what it will look like when we are done."

Next I found Jane's day 5 and she says:-
"Hi Jane, curiouser and curiouser! Happy tats, Jane"

Next I have another day 4 from a.non.y.mouse who says:-
"Here is mine up to day 4! can't tell what it is yet!"
Ah, a.non.y.mouse is revealed as Star.  Thanks, Star - I'll try and remember that!!!

Next in is from Liz who has this to say:-
"Hi again.  Thanks for providing these wonderful clues.  Here’s part 5"

Next in is Elfriede who says this:-
"day 5 is now ready, I'm looking forward to the day 6"

Now we see Nancy L's day 5 and she says:-
"Good morning Jane,  I do hope my little creature can swim (LOL) as it is a very wet day in Louisiana."

Next making me feel cold, is from Barbara P who says:-
"I have days 4 and 5 done! I have finally guessed it! It's a crocagatorizard!! This is a mystical little creature that is a combo of an alligator, a crocodile, and a lizard. He is just going to be so cute when done! This is coming to you from a very brrr...cold NY. We had -14 degrees yesterday so today's 16 degrees is much better :P"

Now here is Sharon P's day 5 and she says:-
"Latest installment attached. :-)  In keeping with the rest of my life, I'm clueless ;-)  but having great fun!"

Next is from Isabel who says:-
"Hi Jane! here I send my Day 5, I'm more lost in a desert without water, hehehehe ...... but I've seen out there PLANE OF ARLENE, and I climbed on, jejejejeje ......... so ............ A PLANE"

Next is Margaret who says:-
"Here we go, you are doing a great job of confusing, 'er ... entertaining us this time, I don't know which way up I am today!  Could it be a plane with a row of bead porthole windows?  Or some sort of lizard, a chameleon perhaps, as it has changed so often!!!  But then I don't know what the beads would be.  Oh well, time will tell."

The next message comes from Prabhjyot who has an interesting story to tell and it's this is what makes the TIAS so special to me.  Prabhjyot tells us this:-
"I learnt tatting when I was in grade 9. After that I never actually tatted anything until last year when I saw a tatting shuttle while shopping for some arts supply for my 5 years old daughter. I bought the shuttle right away and started surfing the net and my local library for tatting books and patterns.
I came to know about TIAS while surfing the internet, I decided to give it a try this time. After that it slipped out of my mind and when I realised it again you are already at day 5. I quickly started to tat and forgot to take pictures of each day. Now I am sending my day 5 picture to you.
I am so excited with the idea of TIAS that I want to tat all the previous ones too which I missed. 
Thank you for all the excitement!!!!!"
Next is from Kay Lynn who has this to say:-
"Well.....no additional guesses, as this truly is a TIAS mystery to me, but here's my Day 5.  Looking forward to Day 6 so maybe I can start to see something more definitive.  :-)  It's about -10 degrees F. here today, so it feels quite "balmy" compared to what we've had previously in January.  We're also seeing more light each day, and it is welcomed at this time of year."
Now on a return visit (happily) is Sarah who says:-
"Yes, I can see the airplane that others have guessed but then again it could morph into and alligator or I am still thinking tortoise... oh It is all still a mystery  to me! I'll just have to wait for more clues. This is fun. I like seeing everyones work and comments. Happy tatting every one."

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