Friday, 14 January 2011

Friday morning and more day 1

Good morning, world!!!  I apologise for yesterday morning's 'lateness'.  I had the whole thing ready to 'post' and then went off to Ikea without pressing the 'publish post' button!!!  
Tomorrow will be Day 2 so 'watch either blog' for links!!!  I'll continue to add any more day 1 pictures or links to blogs for day 1 so don't worry if you're lagging behind - that's what the horse's tail does anyway!!!!!
Anyway, let's see if I can do better today.
First in this morning is from Coretta who says:-
"Attached is my work from Day 1.  Since most likely this is an animal... and unless this is a pig or a boar, I am sure my color choice will be silly in the end, but I like how they look together in the mean time. :)  I love seeing all the shuttles other tatters are working with in their pictures... though it does make me jealous of some of them. ;)"
Now we have Linda from the USA (NM) who says:-
"A great way to start the year off with TIAS!! Beelizabeth had an interesting way of adding beads!!! Looking forward to the next step."
Now we have Marion's from the USA who says:-
"Here's my little piece.    Hmmmmm, what could it be???  Not a seahorse, not a rocketship, maybe a dinosaur????  I have no clue, but I'm going to have fun with it whatever it turns into.  Love your little creations!  I wanted to do this yesterday, but we got 24" of snow here in New England, so we've been digging out.  Now we're headed for the deep freeze, so I'll be staying close to my afghan and keeping warm!"
Now we have Yuma Tatter who lives - well, wherever she is in her RV!!!  Don't you just LOVE her picture?  She says:-
"As I saw Day 1 emerge from my shuttles, it looked like Mardi Gras colors to me, so I decided it's a Mardi Gras centipede that may morphosize (is that a word?) into something else by project's end!"
Now we have JB's from the USA (AL) offering.  She says:-
"Here is my day 1.  It’s fun to see all the different colors that are being used.  I am using Lizbeth colors Plum and Mocha Brown Medium.
So far, I’m clueless.  But, am having fun…."
Now I have a link to Vanessa's blog.  Thanks, Vanessa.

Thanks for doing another TIAS :)

Oooh, just found Denise's offering in my inbox.  This  is what she says:-
"Well I'm a little slow getting through the starting gate, but I'm done with the first part and eagerly awaiting the second. It is very cold here in Texas today (well cold for Central Texas anyway), and so I am shivering and thinking that I must be making a snowflake. If this is a snowflake, it will probably be the only one I see all year!"

Friday afternoon brings Anke from GERMANY and she says:-
"At first I thought I don't have a size 20 thread - then I suddenly remembered that I have a size 15 that seems to me to be finer so I decided:
This time I will take part in your TIAS!  Well... here is my first day from my first TIAS!  It's tatted in light yellow and light blue.  I guess it will turn out bigger but then my beads are bigger as well so we will see..."
Now we have Sharon P who is really punishing herself by doing two TIAS's at once - just hope she doesn't get in a muddle!!!  Here's her comment:-
"Here's my Day1. This is my first TIAS, and I am enjoying both the idea and process of tatting blindly without knowing what the "big picture" is!
Hee! I've gone back and, with help so that I would remain blind to the goal, collected the previous TIASes as well, and have begun working on one of those, too, in between installments on this new one!
What fun!"
Now we have SarahS from the USA (CT) who says:-
"Dear Jane, I am a newbie to the TIAS but what fun it will be. A nice little mystery is a good way to get through a cold SNOWY winter. : )"
Oh, just found a link to Desperate Tatter's blog so here it is!!!

Now I present Pam's day 1.  She's from the 'good old' UK - down south!!!!
Here's what she says"-
"Here is my Day 1. Not a clue as to what I'm tatting. Still it's great fun. Itching to put the beads on.  Bring on day 2."
Sorry, Pam, you've got a loooooong wait!!!
Next in is from Nima in MUSCAT, OMAN (woweeee, I'm so happy).  Nima says:-
"I'm attaching herewith the pictures of practice piece and day 1. I was sending the pictures to  I hope this is the right add to send the progress picture."

Now here's Delight's offering.  She says:-
"This is my first ever TIAS and I'm terribly excited to see what this will be."
So am I, Delight, so am I!!!!
 Next contribution is from Elizabeth who says:-
"Here is my part 1 of the TIAS.  The only hard thing was to decide on colors to use. Looking forward to the next part.  ElizabethHope the photo comes out ok."
Photo is wonderful, thanks.

The next person into the inbox is Alizandria who has sent her practice piece and her day 1.  She says:-
"This is my 1st TIAS! I'm attaching my practice peices and my day 1. I have no guesses yet..."

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