Friday, 7 January 2011

The practice piece

Claire wrote yesterday with some samples of the front and back of her practice piece.  She was concerned that she'd done it right. 

I've asked if I could use her samples to show you how it should look as mine are not really as neat as hers and (well, to be honest) I've mislaid my TIAS!!!!!  It's somewhere buried underneath everything on my desk here!!!

First of all here is the front of the finished piece.  You can see the odd 'blip'  of colour showing through but I feel that this is worth not having a tie, cut and start again in the work!!!  I'm a lazy moo!!!!  Claire's looks just how mine does at this stage.  Well done and thanks, Claire.
 This is the back.


Jacqui Southworth said...

HI Jane - from sunny Florida - I'm looking forward to this year's TIAS to amuse me on my holiday - bring it on :-))))

Isdihara said...

Thanks for sharing a finished sample. May I ask one nagging question?

Does the Continuous Thread Join technique have a decorative purpose as well as to save us all from cutting, tying and hiding ends?

Jane Eborall said...

No, Isdihara it isn't decorative - just a way of saving tying and hiding ends. A lazy way of getting round that problem. I don't think it makes it much more 'bulky' over the chain either.

Ridgewoman said...

CTJ doesn’t add bulk, really. When I did Jane’s ‘monkeys’ legs (which are the same technique) it just added a nice finish to them. Its seemed to me on those that the method added a continuous line to the sides which other wise wold have been just awkward picots or a series of SR’s.
I really like the technique!

xxx P