Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Tuesday and Day 3

First of all here is the link for Day 3 - good luck and good guessing!!!!

Please, please check that you've got the final 3 doubles done after the CTJ before starting today's part.

First in my inbox this morning is from Anita A.  Isn't this a glorious picture?  Love the balloons, Anita!!  This is what she says:-
"Our centipede has grown, and found balloons for the parade!"
Next is Alizandria who says:-
"Here is my day 2!!!  Exciting still have no clue!!!"

First of the Day 3 comes from - yes, who else but Isa!!!!  Here's what the poor lass says:-
"Jane today I feel worse than two days ago :( (have a severe flu) but with TIAS day 3,  I hoppe to be recovered :) .
I send my TIAS day 3 in a raining, grey day almost without snow and +3 degrees/46F, here in the south of Scania, Sweden.
Wish a wonderful day to you Jane in UK and to all the tatting friends around this beautiful world :) at last: VIVA TIAS :)"
Next in is Maureen from Oz who says:-
"Today it looks as though my rabbit may have trodden on a bee....because his leg is a little swollen  - however I am sure it will return to bunny-size soon!  I had a bit of trouble with Day 3 - first had to unearth the middle picots to be able to join rings 9 and 14; and, of course, ring 13 is not a split ring - that threw me a bit too!  Maureen in Brisbane - a bit of it that did NOT flood."
Next is from Geraldine who has sent in three days of her progress and she says:-
"I have used lizbeth thread.looks like we now have one legand an under carrage of a ?animal.Can't wait for it to transpirer to ???????  Happy tatting to every one that has joined the T.I.A.S"

Ginny has just popped in to say this - "I think it is a alligator!!!!!! I can see the eye is the new part and the beads will be the teeth!!!!"  What a clever guess, Ginny - but are you right?

Now next into my inbox is Nima who says this:-
"This is really exciting. I'm attaching the progress picture for day 3. I'm not an expert in tatting...hope toady's work is right....I think the caterpillar is growing into a seahorse...lol.....Looking forward for day 4."
Perfect, Nima, perfect.
Next one in is from Marion who sends in day 2 and has this to say:-
"Well, better late than not at all.  I think it needs a bit more 'fussing with' to lay nicely.  Anyway, it sort of looks like a caterpillar, but then with beads and joining involved with the large p's, it's anybody's guess still.  A little light went on in my brain yesterday and I think your new technique might be useful in the Kokapelli piece I was trying out.  Too many cutting, tieing and ends!"
Next in is from Sonja who says this:-
" This is my day 3. I will drop it in the dutch album too.  Still no idea about what it wlill be.
Sonja from Holland"
Now I have Heather's to show you - this is what she says:-
"day 3 done ??? still not sure what it could be ????"
Next in my inbox is Marco with day 1 and 2 and she says this:-
"A bit late, but here is my result  for day 1 and 2.  My first  idea whas a necklace or pendant as you call it. Haha.  But that will be wrong as  usual , I am not good in guessing.  Hope  to get  day three also done today"

Now we have Josie who has popped in to say and show her TIAS up to day 3.  She says:-
"sorry for the delay in scanning this, I think it might be an old steam train engine.  Best wishes and many thanks for the tias."
Finally on this batch from my inbox is Wanda again who says this:-
"Good morning - at least it is here.  Here's my day 3. The first 2 things I thought as I made this was it was either a train or a worm (or lizard) with a top hat: ) Okay, I'm not very good at guessing."
Next is Bonnie I got behind so here is my day 2 & I'll try 2 get 2 day 3 lduring lunch 2day ... Bonnie C"
The next person to wander into the inbox is Margaret who has this to say:-
" Here are Daisy & Dan on day 3.  I think my Whatchyermacallits are beginning to look like submarines !!!  Roll on Day 4. "
I must say I'm worried about Margaret's sanity here.  Fancy giving them names?!?!?!
Next in is from IsDihara with all three days so far!!!  She says:-
"Winter colds have kept Silly Hat Central under quarantine for the past few weeks. So I got a bit of a late start on T.I.A.S. but now I am caught up. Sending along photos of my first three days. As for a guess, it is still hard to narrow the field, but I am hoping for either a sea creature of some sort or a dinosaur. Today's tat-bit could be a brontosaurus leg.  Or should I say Apatosaurus?
Let's quietly sidestep that dicey subject and say I will be reserving my guess for a later day."

Whoopeeee, Bonnie's back with day 3.  Go and take a rest now, Bonnie.  Here's what she says:-
"Got it done! Day 3..."
Just found tatterme's blog with her days 1 and 2.  Here's the link.

Next is from Brenda who thinks she's getting behind.  Don't worry, lass, there's no time limit on this at all.  Anyway, this is what she says:-
"I am late with my second day. I have just noticed that day 3 is out. Don't know when I will get that to you when I have done it.  I am not going to guess because I haven't a clue."
Now into my inbox drops Melanie C who says this:-

Good afternoon-
 I'm thinkin' this little tatting may be a square. Or at least something with a blank space in the center. Perhaps something with legs?  I needed to look back at Day 2 directions to understand what you meant by middle picot for the join to the chain. This is helping me to learn what to pay attention to in patterns as I tat them the first."

 Next this evening is from Emelia in The Netherlands.  She sends in day 2 and day 3 with this remark:-
"Hereby  photos from day 2 + 3.  Do you like to be informed about the tias?"
Oh, yes, Emelia we all like to see each other's work.

Next person to arrive is Sharron from NC who says:-
"Here's my (drunken) day 3. It's looking kind of wobbly, heehee! :-) Methinks I should get out the ruler/picot gauges instead of eyeballing things!  My current guess: train."

Just on my way to bed and Arlene pops in.  Couldn't resist putting hers up before I go.  Here's what she says too:-
"Here's my day 3. Maybe it's an oliphant. But it will be hard to get that double row of tusks into place.  Ummm, yes I am guessing wildly. What gave me away?"

Finally on this dark, dreary winter's evening I give you Isabel.  Isabel, what CAN I say?  I guess nothing!!!!
"Hehehehe, not what may be ......... but mine looks like the Flintstone mobile trunk, jejejeje .......... "Vilma open the door!" jejejejeje"

Goodnight all - I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully!!!!


Gina said...

heheheheheh - You're right Jane. It's fun watching the guesses.

Sewicked said...

Oh, I forgot to add, I'm in NC. Plus, I had a hard time making those joins in the middle of the chain because I'm using clover shuttles and it was not easy getting just the thread that I wanted and not the CTJ thread, too.

Ridgewoman said...

Haven’t done day 3 yet; but, the thought struck me. Most of us are just assuming that this is a critter, animal of some sort. Now, in the past we had a Belle, besides the hippo and rooster. So, it really could be anything.
We need to think out side the box; err, that is brain cell #3. I think I’m getting a headache!
lost in day 3. . .thinking too much....
xxxx P

Coretta of corettadeesign said...

Ridgewoman, I noticed the same thing. I noticed that my assumptions were based on what I have seen most often, but, like you say we're cutting ourselves off from lots of other possibilities! :)