Thursday, 13 January 2011

Day 1 on Thursday!!!

Good morning!!!  
First in today is Nancy who sent in her day 1.  She says:-
"Jane, I think its a king or queen and the beads are on the crown.  LOL"
Now we have Typstatting who says:-
"Hi Jane! Here is my first part of the TIAS, I don't have any idea yet what it will be, but I am thinking about it."
Well, if you did, Typstatting, I'd be feeling a total failure!!!!
Now we have a participant from CANADA who is Rose Anne.  She says:-
"This is my first time with a TIAS and I think I've followed the instructions.  I've also found 7 clear beads to measure 1" in length.  Here's my tatted example.  Thank you!"

Next in is from Jane in SOUTH AFRICA who says:-
"Hi Jane, I'm not sure it's a good idea to look at my tatting this close up, but anyway... ]I did do the practice piece, but won't e-mail it to you. Bit early for guesses yet, not that I can ever figure out what you're up to!"
Next in is from Mary who said:-
" I  hope that I’m not late with my homework."
No, Mary, there's no such thing as 'late' in a TIAS.  You can work at your own speed!!!
Next is from Sonja in HOLLAND who says:-
"I started too. Dont know what it will be.  I love this things.

 Sonja from a rainy (but not as much as in Australia) Holland."

Oh, dear, oh dear, oh dear.  I'm in trouble AGAIN.  Isa in Sweden has been waiting all morning for Day 2!!!!  I have told her that it will be here on Saturday!!!  Here is what she said:-
"Hi Jane I'm worry! I can't see TIAS day 2.  Sorry if I disturb the day. :)  Very worry Isa from the south of Sweden."
So, I wrote to her and told her that it would be Saturday and this is what she then said!!:-
"I see. I'm waiting hopfully until Saturday!  But I tell you : Today I have waiting since 9 o´clock in the morning, about 13.00 I have send you the mail.  Isa :)"
I have now given her permission to leave her computer and go and make a cup of tea!!!!

Next in is from Nancy in the USA (Louisiana).  She says:-
"Here is my first piece of the tias. I'm a needle tatter and looking forward to this challenge, will also be helping other needle tatters with this (so much fun) thanks."
Now we have Sandy in the USA (CA) who says:-
"Yippee! My first TIAS and I'm excited! It's looking a bit like a raincloud (with the beads being the raindrops??)... could we be tatting a 'scene' for all your adorable critters? Hmmm....
Sandy (in So Cal, where currently there's not a cloud to be seen)"
Now here's Bonnie P from the USA (NY) who has this to say:-
"I hope my picots are big enough ... I do have an over all issue with not ever making them very big ... I put a bead on it and it worked so I hope I'm ok."
That looks really good to me, Bonnie.
What is it 'they' say?  A picture says a thousand words.  This is SO true about the next day 1 piece.  This is from Arlene in the USA.  The tatting is sitting on a roly poly tat bag.  How do I know?  I recognised the fabric.  Thanks for a heartwarming photo, Arlene - it's warmed the cockles of my heart.  Yes, folks, I do have a heart!!!!
Last (I think!) on my way to bed comes from Heather in the USA (ME).  Do take a look at her shuttle.  She says:-
"Hi Jane, thanks for doing another tias. They are soooo much fun. Here is my day 1! I had to show off my new wooden tatting shuttle, my hubby made it for me :)"
Well I was wrong - that wasn't the last one for me today!  Here's Beelizabeth's offering with hilarious remarks!!!
"Here is my first day of this TIAS.  I don't know about the rabbit that those from Australia say theirs are going to be.  I'm sure this is a row of alligator teeth getting ready to chomp into a big pizza, but he'll get the rabbits if they hop by.  Of course those green teeth are a sign of very bad dental hygiene.  Maybe a trip to the dentist or a switch to white beads.
TIAS are great fun!! thanks for going to the effort!!"


Ridgewoman said...

I’m always intrigued by the color choices each person makes. I usually choose a variegated thread; but, decided to just use color impact this time. My beads are gunmetal colored hematite. Thought that would go well with the black and peach; plus they are the correct size. Can’t wait to do Day 2!

xxx P Ridgewoman

Sewicked said...

I thought of that when I took the picture of my day one against that fabric. It's where I'm keeping the shuttles & the beads (plus beading needle & scissors) while I wait for the next day.

I don't know when I'll get to day 2. Maybe Sunday but Monday is more likely.