Saturday, 22 January 2011

Saturday and more newcomers too!!

Good morning, world.  I looked at my messages this morning and was delighted to see some more newcomers joining in too.  Welcome to the mad, mad world of the TIAS!!!!

First in this morning is from Wendy 'down south' in the UK.  She says:-
"How about a rhinoceros with big ears."

Next is from CANADA and Rose Anne who says:-
"OK this is really looking interesting but I've still no clue what it will grow up to be!"

Next is from Erika who says this:-
"Back to the daily schedule, and I still can't imagine what it could be, here is Day 4 of TIAS."

Now I present Alba's work and she says:-
"Here is my day 4.- not a clue yet..."

Next is from Karen L and her comment which is as follows:-
"Here is day 4 and I have no idea what I am tatting but it is fun. I think I rather enjoy the suspense of not knowing what this will be. Ready for day 5 now!"

Now the next one I've come to (I always start at the bottom of the inbox and work my way up so that everyone is in the right order!) is from Valerie H.  She says:-
"Here's an image for DAY 4. Ooh, it's getting exciting! What's that? A tail, snout, ele's trunk...? Hmm... I can't guess. Can't wait for DAY 5!"

Next is from Bernice who says:-
"TIAS day 4 from Bernice     I am enjoying this TIAS"

Now I'm nearly at the top of the inbox and this time I've got Denise's to show you.  This is her comment:-
"Lots of things come to mind when I look at this, I suppose the latest guess would be a steamboat or lizard."

Next is Coretta who has not been too well since doing day 1.  She's playing 'catch up' and has now caught up.  This is what she says:-
"And on day four I was so excited because I was sure it was an alligator or some other reptile and I needed to catch up fast. A pink and brown alligator would be fun... but then again here I am stuck on thinking it is an animal.  So here are days 2, 3, and 4 attached. I don't know what you like best on a catch up like this, so I included one that has all three together as well."

I'm really, really worried about Maureen.  I'm convinced she's lost the plot.  Look - see what I mean?  Here's what she says:-
"Here's Day 4 - rabbiting along nicely, although, I do have to say that it doesn't REALLY have many bunny-like qualities at this point......"

Now wandering into my inbox is Sharren who has this to say:-
"Here is my Day 4.  The Yellow Submarine has had an accident - or met with foul play - as the front part is pointy and bent.   Could this be the work of the blue meanies??"

Next in is from Jeanne L who sent her picture which is below.

Next in this dull, dreary afternoon here in the UK is from Ridgewoman who says:-
"Well, I finally ventured a guess ~ based on “launched” being the lead descriptive word.  Of course, it could be a clue meant to take us down the wrong rabbit trail.  toy boat, toy boat, toy boat. . say that five times fast!
LOL  Ridgewoman"
Next in is from Marion who has been suffering with snow storms.  She says this:-
"Anyway, it's looking more like a winged bug - maybe a dragon fly (which I just love) - hmmmmm, maybe a bat?  Naaahhhh the wings aren't big enough.  Guess I'll just have to wait a bit longer!"

Next into the inbox is from Joanie who asked if I was pleased with the amount of people taking part and the answer is YES, YES, YES.  Here is her day 4.

Next in is Sarah who has this to say:-
"Here is day 4. I keep changing my mind as to what it is... maybe a tortoise...maybe a dinosaur... maybe not a critter at all...  I guess I'll just wait for more clues. Looking forward to day 5. Have a happy weekend everyone."

Next in is from Alizandria who says:-
"Ok here's day 4! I'm sticking with my guess last time! :)"
Next in is from Liz but she's not guessing today!!

The next person wandering into my inbox is Caroline who says:-
"It is beginning to look like and alligator (but there is no bend in the leg) or maybe an ant eater (but the nose does not seem to be long enough for that).  This is more fun not knowing what it is like I did last time as my first day guess was correct but then again it was fun to see it take shape into what I thought it was also."


Rose Anne B said...

This is my first time in a TIAS and I'm just LOVING the anticipation for the next day's posting!!! I also LOVE seeing others' works and knowing that I'm on the right track and WOW to all the lovely colours you all are using! And naturally seeing some of the shuttle being used too!

Thank you Jane!!!

Ridgewoman said...

I think I’ll take the time to block mine; I KNOW Jane ~ good tatting doesn’t need blocked ~ but my tatting does! LOL And I’m working on even tension that is tidy.
And, I’m not at THAT good tatting place ~ yet! But I’m not giving up! toy boat, toy boat, toy boat, toy boat, toy boat....
tee hee xxxx P