Monday, 31 January 2011

Monday, Monday!!!

First person in my inbox this morning is Isdihara who ponders the origin of the TIAS and it's future too!!
She says:-
"Curiosity is clearly piqued among this year's participants. I was hoping that today's release would provide the "a-ha" moment of clarity. It didn't, so now my hopes are pinned on Wednesday's release. :-)  Since my last guess I have contemplated a goat, a toucan and a bat, but am sticking to a either a reptile or Nessie from the Loch.  (Alas, Nessie has more reason to hide than ever. Since Jennifer Lopez joined the panel of judges for American Idol season 10, "Jenny from the block" has garnered her fair share of attention. Nessie from the Loch doesn't want to be compared to a Hollywood celebrity!)  Don't let the coming rain get you down, enjoy the sunshine while you can!

Next is from Liz 'down under' who says:-
"Attached is my tatting #6 and 7.  I still have no idea what it is – Jane, this is so much fun.  Thanks again."

Now I present Alba's day 7 and she has this to say:-
"Day 7.  made it even more confused to me. Are you sure it is going to be "something" real?????  So far it does not look like anything I know or have seen before. Is it an alien dinosaur?  Well maybe day 8 will let us see it more clearly. I hope it will not be any kind of monster, just in case I see it in my dreams."

Next is Karen L's offering of day 7.  She says:-
"I got day 7 done on the day it was released! Still no idea what I am tatting, but why guess, just enjoy the trip."

Now I've got Sue Anna's days 5 and 6 to show you.  She says:-
"Here is my day 5 & 6 pictures. Looking at day 7 my brain turned into mush. I have no idea. Like I said I'll have an 'ah ha' moment when it finally done! Thanks for the brain teaser. Sue Anna."

Now I've found Katie V's little troop next into the inbox!!  Here's her comment and her pictures:-
"Dear Jane, after their discovery of tasty delicacies,  that candle of Anteaters are dancing for joy--the Can-Can even!  Aren't they finely choreographed?  Arms out, heads left, kick to the right.  Oh, Jane, you come up with amazing critters!"

Now I am going to show you Erika's work.  She's sent in days 6 and 7 with the following comment:-
"Here I send days 6 & 7.  I think it's some kind of lizard. Maybe a Komodo Dragon?  Have a nice day."

Back again and  later during the night while I was sleeping comes Sue Anna's day 7 with the following comment:-
" Sundays are good days to catch up.  I'd like to say I have the answer of what it is, but I don't. The "UFO" is flying high on my shuttles and driving me crazy trying to figure out what it will be.   Thanks for the fun!"

Next is Jeanne L who says:-
"Hi Jane, I have finished my day 7.  I was gone all day today, so didn't have a chance to tat it until tonight."

Now I have Bev's day 7 and she says:-
"You showed me YOURS, here is MINE    Day 7    LOL "
Her remark refers to something new I'm working on and which I shared with her yesterday!!!!!

Finally and before my shower and breakfast I have Jane M who says:-
"Hi Jane, here's day 7. Interesting! Happy tats, Jane"

Now look who's just popped in - Josie.  She says:-
"I think the plane has flown and we are working on a lizard-like Hamish.  Thank you so much for this, I love all the varieties of colours and combinations.  happy tatting."

Next in is from Margaret J who sounds totally confused!!  Here's what she says:-
"Now on day 7 I shall have to drop the idea of a plane.  After seeing the photo of Isdihara's skink that is going to get my vote too.  How  ever long did it take you to find this Watchermacallit, which is doing such a good job of keeping us all guessing?  Only three more days to go didn't you say, phew!  A baffled Margaret!"

Now we have Marion's day 7 and she says:-
"I'm still leaning toward a Croc or Gater, maybe a Salamander or even a Gecko???    Oh, guess what it's going to do tomorrow & Wed????"

 Next I'm showing you is from Prabhjyot who says:-
"This is my day 6 and 7 combined. I am looking forward for the surprise to end, so no guesses."

Next in is from Denise who has this to say:-
"Here is my day 7. I ran into a bit of a snag on ring 37 when my main shuttle thread broke. Hiding my ends made 37 a little larger than it should be I think. As far as my guess…I have no clue. One end still sort of looks like a lizard, but I don't have a guess. I'll have to wait for day 8 and see if I can sort it out then."
Now I'm going to show you Karen F's days 1 to 7.  She says:-
"Here’s my Days 1-7.  My husband says this is a Monitor Lizard.  Is he right?  I’m sure it is a reptile but he/she is being evasive and will not tell.  If I were starting over I’d use larger beads as they may be the back of a dinosaur?
Thank you for giving us the fun and PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT TAKE YOURSELF TO COVENTRY!  You’d be missed."

Last in tonight is from Beelizabeth who says this:-
"With Omar adding a rabbit to Maureen's rabbit "Alli" alligator is going to be well fed!!"


Ridgewoman said...

It is interesting how each tatter presents their UFO positionally. Mine is sort of ‘on all fours” others are vertical, and flipped. It is like looking at clouds, seeing something different in each one. How many days are there? I imagine Wed will be about 1/2 way; those who see it first time wise have a distinct advantage (which is ok, of course).
It is still anyone’s guess at this point!
I bet you are having a ball! LOL xxxx P

Jane Eborall said...

There are three more days. Day 8 on Wednesday!!! I'm keeping a log on the guesses and who's got it right and will publish it at the end!!!

Liyarra said...

Keeping up but no way to post pics.

Remember it is rabbit related even when it isn't.........

This is fun. Thanks Jane.