Monday, 17 January 2011

Monday morning

Sorry, I'm late this morning - slept in late after lots of bad dreams and I blame the owls on my other blog for that!!!!  

Tomorrow will be day 3.

So, first in today is from Debbie W who sends in both day 1 and day 2 and says:-
"Not sure what it is yet.  I'll say.............a gecco????"

Now we have Katie V who says:-
"Here's my version of Day 2--no guesses today, but I'm sure enjoying the fun!  Good practice of the CTJs."
Next we have Martha E who sounds a little confused over her shuttles LOL as she says:-
"Well, I thought this would be a good time to try out my new Pop-a-Bobbin shuttle, but I unthinkingly wound it with the dark color thread.  I've been looking at it dangling from my little finger wondering when you will give us a Switch Shuttle instruction so I'll get to hold it in my hand.  It wasn't until the end of Day 2 that I realized all I have to do is swap the bobbins between this shuttle and the Aero holding the other thread.  Who's a silly moo now?"
Next is from Anke who made a mistake and started again!!!  Poor lass.  Here's what she says:-
"finally I have done Day 2!   I made a mistake in chain 6 and didn't notice before I had closed ring 7 so I decided to start once again from the very beginning. But now everything is fine.
Your CTJ is very fiddly! Did you say it will come only once? I'm very happy about that...
Grey greetings from Germany (at least it's not raining this morning)."
No more CTJ's Anke - I bet you're happy now!!!!
Next in is Ladytats who says:-
"I finally had a chance to catch up this weekend.   Here are days 1 & 2.  I discovered that I didn't have any dark color in size 20, so my solid is only a medium blue.   Thanks for all the work to get this figured out and set up.  In case you might be interested,  we now have about 30" of snow and temps this week are forecast to be mostly below 0 F.  Will be watching for the next pieces of this before I have any guess as to what this is."

Now we have Vonnie who has had a bit of a problem with the CTJ too.  Here's what she has to say:-
"Well Jane, it took some doing and some unpicking and just a wee bit ot swearing!  But I got Part 2 done yesterday.  I thought I had the CTJ down, but I was having such issues with it that I tried to find some YouTube vids for a visual.  Ended up using your original tutorial again cuz it really was well done.  I neglected to include the ds stitches when I started moving back over the chains.  It looks much more like all the lovely pics I’m seeing on your blog now"
Monday afternoon and next in is Ann from niftyneedle blog who says:-
"I'm finally joining the fun!  No guesses yet though.  And I AM having a good time despite the murderous tone of my picture!  It's all explained  on my blog.
 Now I present Sandra E's work.  She says this:-
"Here's my attempt - don't know why this is showing grey and black - it's really pearl gray and navy!  It's not so fiddly - I've seen worse for sure. Where's Day 3?"
Tomorrow, Sandra, tomorrow!!!!
 Next to pop into the inbox is Carol L who has this to say:-
" Here is my tias up to day 2.  I'm trying to do a blog post about it also." 
Well, Carol's done her blog post now and you can find it here.
Next is Mary who says:-
"Heloo.  Here's my version of Day 2.  Is so fun."
Beelizabeth arrives next with this hilarious comment.  Has she 'lost the plot'?
"I see there's still a rabbit for my alligator's dinner.  Sorry-- I haven't found a dentist to treat those green teeth."

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Ridgewoman said...

Gee, I didn’t find the CTJ fiddly at all; and, I’m usually such a ‘whiner’ about techniques. Always making them harder than they actually are ~ LOL. If there is a hard way to do something, I’ll find it!
Looking forward to Day 3, along with the other tatters.
Thank you Jane...xxxx p