Saturday, 1 January 2011

A Happy New Tat It And See to all

And, of course, a Happy New Year.

I've come to a decision.  The Tat It And See is going to start on January 12th.  

BUT there will be a practice piece before then which I'll give you on January 5th first.  This will give me time to help anybody who MAY need it with this teeeeeny tinnnyyyy technique.  

For newcomers it will also give you a hint of what is to come too.  Only a very, very small one, though!!! 


Maureen said...

Lovely! - I'm looking forward to it.
For a while now, I haven't been able to comment on your other blog, today there wasn't even the little box to write in!

N. Maria said...

I think you might have a winner here, Jane!! Looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...

looking forward to this!

Mary said...

I can not wait for tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

So pleased to have found this blog. I would really like to participate in the TIAS. I love having something new to try so am hoping this will give me a new challenge.....Susan

Traveling Square Dancers said...

Jane, tried the TIAS last year for the first time and loved it!!! My rooster may not have been technically correct, but he had a lot of fun anyhow! Looking forward to the 12th!

Vanessa Goss said...

I've just come home from work and rushed to the computer to see if you had posted the first day's instructions for the TIAS.

Alas, I forgot that we are ahead of England in the time zones :(

Shall have to wait until tomorrow (Australian time) before I start.

Looking forward to it so much :)

Arty Lady's blog said...

This will be my second year and I am really looking forward to this challenge. Thahks for doing it again Jane.

Rose Anne B said...

Hi Jane,

I'm going to try and work with the TIAS for 2011. Let's hope I can do it without much fretting etc. (winking)