Saturday, 17 May 2008

Today's the day - start of TIAS 3

OK, then here we go!!! The day has dawned and the the link for day 1 is on this page.

There are only two elements to work on day 1 as there are several new ideas which might not have been seen before. Techniques (throughout) will only be suggestions as to how to work the design. Use whatever ways suit you best!!! I intend this one to be a tutorial for those who are relatively new to tatting and fun (with an added something) for those who are 'old hands'!!!

Don't forget that when you have completed your piece and have sent me a scan or photo there will be a bonus!!! It'll be worth having and in keeping with this TIAS.

Please check back with this page for people's progress and don't be afraid to ask for help if you get 'stuck'.


pattyd said...

Dear Jane,

This new TIAS already looks brilliant! I haven't done a button tat and I am sure there are other tricks in the wings. Looks like a lot of fun. How DO you think of this stuff? Dunno, but sure am glad you do.


Lynne Webber said...

Wonderful fun, Jane, there are several of us in Wales all tatting madly. I'm away for a week and shall have to catch up when I come back. At the moment I think it's going to be an elephant with one of those bright blankets on his back (the beaded bit)that you see in Indian pics!!!!!!
A marvellous idea to unite tatters. Congratulations and thanks for all your hard work.
Lynne Webber