Monday, 26 May 2008

Day 4 - continued

We are going through a severe weather warning in my part of the UK with gale force winds and driving rain. This has given me a good excuse to try and catch up with the blog again!
Next is Nancy's offering and this is what she says -
"I have attached a picture of the TIAS that I have done so far. I am terrible at scanning or taking pictures of things I do but anyway here is my TIAS."

I have just found Ellen's blog which shows her progress. But, Ellen, I'm not telling you whether it's an animal or not!!! I'm leaving you to keep guessing!!!

The last of this morning's batch comes from Kristina in Sweden who says -

"I've been following TIAS 3 from the start, but this is my first WIP-picture. I tried to google and measure to find out what size my beads should be, but I think they turned out too large after all. I will continue with them nonetheless, and if (or rather when) they're definitely too large to go on with the pattern I'll start again with smaller beads. Longing for the next part already. :)"
Those beads look fine to me, Kristina.

Here are Carla's day 3 and day 4. She writes from The Netherlands and says -
" Her are my foto's from the "thing". It is very nice to do and I like to learn the (new) techniques. Mail you next time for day 5 ." I look forward to hearing from you again, Carla and thank you.

Lovely to hear from Wally too who is (I think!) still living in Egypt. Here's what she said - "I have been out of the cyber world for a little but I'm enjoying the new TIA."

Omar, poor soul had a senior moment and forgot to attach hers first time (oh so good to find a soulmate over in Oz). A few minutes later her picture came through with the following comment. "At the moment mine has the look of a critter on skis complete with ski pole."

Next is from Laura who says - "I guess I should have sent this to you instead of just putting it on my blog. Sorry!"
No worries AT ALL, Laura. I'm kept well busy anyway with WIP's coming in but it's lovely to see yours.

Now Ginny is hoping that this TIAS will be - let her tell you "Could it be a curtian for my window?"

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Needledreams said...

Every one looks great! The colors are so bright and pretty. I'm anxious (as usually) to know what it is. :-)

BTW... I'm in PR visiting my family and will be here until October, when I'll return to Egypt. :-)