Wednesday, 28 May 2008

First of Day 5 and the odd 'catch up'!

I've simply GOT to share what Lauren thinks it's going to be. I laughed so much I nearly fell off my chair!!
"My guess is that this will be a 3-D Zebra! Or a Zebra costume for a stuffed horse! LOL The button goes at the top of the head between the ears! The JR's are for him to breathe through, and the ring with the 3 bead picot will fasten the whole thing under his chin!"

Barbara's day 5 is next and here's what she said -

"here comes TIAS day 5 - and now it looks like an owl, breeding her (button)-egg. This is so funny. Thank you!"

Sunela just wrote and said this -

"I had trouble at first.....because I tried to move the knot up from the lower side clockwise as opposed to counter-clockwise. These knots come up so nice and firm.
First I thought it was a flower.....but Jane Eborall and a flower....that's not going to happen. It has to be some animal, a rooster perhaps."
Sorry to dissapoint you, Sunela but Jane Eborall's doooo do flowers sometimes so it could be tat!!!

Laura's back in with hers now. She says -

"I still haven't an idea what it is, but I think it is gorgeous!"

Nita is next and look what she's calling me!!!!! Now I know I call other people that name (particularly Mark Myers) but calling ME that name (giggle, giggle, giggle) -

"Maybe a Poodle, with it's little tail sticking up with 3 beads at the end of its tail. You stinker, you just love the mystery and fooling all of us. he he!"

Katie Verna (remember she's doing 3 TIAS's?) sent in today's installment with the following comment -

"Here's my latest WIP. Are we at the circus? See the two-wheeled, blingingly (!) overloaded carts. Good to see a glimpse of possible symmetry emerging, though.

Wendy has just sent her picture in after playing 'catch up' to get to day 4. She says -
Day 5 reminds me of a Christmas tree."

Lunch time for me and bedtime for Omar in Australia! Here's her addition -
"I had a bit of a struggle with adding the beads …only because its night time and my concentration level is low….I’m leaning towards a bikie critter. He’s starting to look like he’s/she’s riding one of those low slung motor bikes."

Kristina from Sweden is also very fast at getting day 5 done.

About an hour ago I uploaded day 5 instructions - I think Marjan was waiting by her computer!!
Here's her latest -
"GiGi is completely happy, she loves her tail and she is absolutely delighted with her legs.... but she begs you not to make too many legs... she always has problems finding the right shoes, you see.
Lots of greetings from the, happely disturbed, housmate of GiGi."


Anonymous said...

Just printed off Day 5 and my thought of yesterday seems even more likely. It could still be anything but I think it might be a Crinoline Lady. Hope so, I love them. Margaret J.

Maureen said...

Laura's looks like a graceful gazelle, and Nita's like a downhill skier!!

Jeff Hamilton said...

Hi Jane,

I just finished Day 5. I have day 4 on my blog if you want to see it. The link to Day 4 on the Day 5 page is incorrect. TIAS 3 is starting to look familiar, but I'll keep my guess quiet for a while. I'll add a picture of Day 5 to my blog later, maybe.

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks for telling me about the link, Jeff. I'd love to know what you think this is. Could you email me privately, perhaps? It's a brand new pattern which I made for the TIAS!!!