Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Day 4 - continued further!!!

Barbara from Germany has been having problems. I'll let her tell you -
" I wanted to do this TIAS from the beginning, but my internet was down and I had to wait for a person to fix it. I looked to your site every day in the office and printed the pages to tat later at home. But now I am here too and send my first picture - DAY 4. After day 2 I thought it would be a flower with beaded petals, but now I changed and believe it will be a butterfly. The new Josefine-Ring was difficult to do but I like to learn new technics. "

Now this is a very clever idea for all th
e people who have been struggling with safety pins. Carol Lawecki sent in this message and her picture -
"I see a lot of talk on the lists about coiless safety pins to hold the beads in place. I use something different, as you can see in my photo. I use earring findings. I find these so much easier to use than paper clips or safety pins for that matter, you don't have the point or coil to deal with. I show one of the earrings opened up, so people not familiar with this type of earring can see how it works."

Marco has sent in all her progress pictures at once!! Thanks, Marco - they are always welcome.

Winnie has sent her Day 4 in and she says -
"Day 4, with the new Josephine knot! Is it going to be a butterfly?"

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