Sunday, 25 May 2008

More Day 3's

Pamela sent in her day 3 with the following -
"I finally caught up last night only to be behind again today.
Here is last nights attempt, I think it looks like the back end of a cockerel, Alan thinks it looks like a harp! Whatever it is it's fab. Maureen's attempt today looks like a person on some sort of skateboard! maybe a windsurfer. Whatever it is it's fab.

The next one is from Jane who said -

"I feel my split rings today have better tension than the previous ones, I hope that means I am improving. I am starting to look at patterns that have beads in them and wondering whether I could manage them. I am really intrigued now, I keep thinking we need to get back to the button some way but I can't see how. We have already used about half the beads but that doesn't necessarily mean we are half way does it!?"
Well, Jane, we are nearlyhalf way!!!

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