Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Day 2 - more progress!

First this morning (now I'm almost awake!) is from Jane Bawn. This is another 'hippo lurker' who has taken the plunge!!!!
"Well I am still with you as you can see. I reckon we are about half way through the pile of beads and I haven’t a clue what it could be but I am having great fun playing. Like Karen I lurked all the way through the hippo TIAS but taking part is soooo much more interesting."

Fannie has sent in day 2 - "The shuttles (who knows why) tend to occupy all the space available LOL." I think shuttles have minds of their own, Fannie!!!!

Teresa Woods sent in her progress. Do I spot a Sue Hanson shuttle there?!?!? Nope, apparently it's a Hope Bates one. VERY pretty. This is what Teresa said -

"Just got home from the office and finished Day 2's Instructions. This is so kewl!!"

Omar in Oz pops up next in my inbox. Here's her contribution!!! "Here’s Day 2 I love Ginny’s description of ‘Ant carrying his button’…very apt.I only have one question….Do I have to buy shares in a safety pin factory??? Sun still shining, sorry about your weather"
Thanks, Omar, we have sun but it's still not very warm!!!

Finally and before I go shower and have my breakfast, here's Unarae's WIP. " Here is my work in progress and I am having so much fun with this!! It does look like some 4 legged critter with a big head. but am sure it is something else!!"

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