Sunday, 25 May 2008

Day 4 already arriving!

Pam in the UK has had a bit of a disaster - I'll let her explain -
" had a bit of a catastrophe at the start of day 4. The thread at the end of the first lot of beads had got tangled around the end of the safety pin. I tried to sort it out but the thread broke, so I had to start over. This gave me a chance to change my beads and I like these better. I'm really enjoying this challenge and I've discovered how much I like working with beads. Attached is my offering for Day 4. I think it's a praying mantis or it could be the skeleton of a Kangaroo."

Jenny sent hers in too this evening and said -

"You were right. It was not difficult and it pulled up much better than an ordinary jk."

Tine's day 4 has now arrived. Congratulations, Tine.

Now Teresa's changed her mind but as she's a woman she's allowed to!!! Here's her latest contribution -

" Here is Day 4 ... if it looks a bit different, it's only because it is LOL. I decided I didn't like the colors as there were starting out, so I just retatted it, but exchanged the colors. This one is coming out more to my liking .... at least as far as we've received the clues. As a woman (of course) I reserve the right to change my mind again. ROTFLMAO

Next in is Nita's day 4. She says -
"Have to practice the new jk way.always happy to learn new techniques. This is sooo much fun! I love it::)"

Every time I see Marjan's name in my inbox I start to giggle. I wonder why? OK if I tell you what she said this time you'll understand!!!

"Here is my day 4, Meet my Grazy Grasshopper... You can call her GiGi - and I made a mistake, she is not a drunken grasshopper but a Grazy one - and I love her!"
So, let me introduce everybody to GiGi!!!!

Jane's back too. Here are her comments -

"When you said "I promise you it won't get any harder" I guessed it would be tongue in cheek. I very nearly faltered. Good job we are only doing bite sized chunks. I don't think I would have contemplated tackling this pattern if I had seen it all even this far. The blog is great because I don't feel as though I am on my own and seeing other people's work helps me to stay on track."

Ah, Katie's back with her THREE TIAS's!!! Here are her latest comments too!!!

"Lordy, Jane, what in the heck is this? What garden path are you dragging us down? Or, is it a garden path? Is this a 10-day TIAS, like the first? Or, you conceivably devious sort, will it go and on, ever joining to beads and adding more? And speaking of men in white coats! Still, I'm having fun!"

It's pouring with rain on this Spring Sunday here in my little part of the UK and so it was a lazy start to the day. I launched part 4 and then walked over to the nearest store to get the Sunday papers for Nick. Imagine my surprise (after I'd changed out of my wet clothes - and they were VERY wet) when I found Maureen had already done her day 4!!!! Here it is with her comments.

"Sunday evening here, and I happened to be online! - so here is Day 4. I can see that I should have made that first join to the beaded picot a bit tighter, but I'm hoping it might 'ride up with wear....'"

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