Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Day 2 - first ones in!!!!

It isn't compulsory to submit progress but I love seeing how people are getting on!! I'm very nosy!!!
Ellen has finished already and here's a link to her blog to see what she says!!
Ginny says this after day 2
"Here is my Ant carrying his button!"
Sometimes I wonder about your imagination, Ginny!!!

Katie 'the irrepressible' Verna is next -
"what fun! Beads, beads, beads!
Thank you, thank you. It doesn't look much like a mosquito now. Gonna be a beady critter whatever it is."
You could be dissapointed, Katie!!!!

Nita sent hers in and said -

"Looks like a centipede to me ha ha. So much fun love it!!"

Next is Liz's day 2 and she said - "Okay Jane, here is day 2 finished and I need to get this off quick before the power goes off again; very bad t'storms here today. Thank you for this TIAS, I am loving it."

Winnie van Vegchel (the Netherlands) sent in hers too -
"Day 2! This was easy, after day 1,

The next submission is particularly interesting and this had never occurred to me until Karen wrote. She's following the TIAS although she hasn't the time to take part.

"I regret to confess that I'm a sad little lurker on your latest (and totally awesome) TIAS project. I am enthralled with the progress, so thank you many times over for posting photos of other people's progress. This way I get to guess what the outcome will be. Hee, hee.

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Tatman said...

what have you got these poor souls into???!!!!! Next you will be having them dangle charms held by vice grips while standing on their heads LOL!!!
Wish I had time right now to take part in the madness. But for now will just have to sit back and chuckle to myself ;)