Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Wednesday's new TIAS's!

Riet kindly sent this lady in on behalf of Liesbeth and Riet said -
"she calls her "Popje" and she said that it was a project with all kinds of strange things she started 3 times and the third one is here."

Ginny has sent her lady in. -
"Here is my little girl fro the bonus page. Her Name is Shelly for my youngest daughter i am going to make one for each of my family."

First in this morning (well, that's the morning in the UK!!) is Carol's. Carol had a nasty accident and had to have 7 stitches in her finger so this has held her up. Sounds horrid. Look at what she's done with her finished lady, though.
" I finally managed to finish my little lady from your TIAS 3. My finger was so sore, I couldn't tat for a few weeks. I am back at tatting now and finished my gal. I named her Belle and you can see her in her garden. "

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