Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Completed TIAS's!!!!

Just caught me before I turn off the laptop. June has sent in her completed TIAS and says -
Just finished Daisy May."

Elizabeth in Mobile has just sent her lady in (named, of course!). This is what she says -
She is to cute for words. You have outdone yourself. I really enjoyed this. I am going to call this one Southern Lizzy."

Carla's lady has now arrived. Look at the beads on her braids! Carla said -
Here is my Lovely lady. Tatting it was a pleasure. I hope, in time, Tias 4 will arrive. Thank you fore tias 3."

Nita's made her lady now and she said this -
"Here she is, I still think she is a little girl, and I named her "Goldilocks.She is looking for her 3 bears. Have thoroughly enjoyed this one, and look forward to the next. "

The next finished lady is from Marie who says -
"All Finished. Now that makes me sad. :-(
But here she is........"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let your hair down!" What fun that was."

Jenny has now decided on the name of her figure.
Her name is Polly, so here she is. I think the button is a bit too big, but I will make a friend for her with a different button and have a go at a different hairstyle."

Look at what Katie's done with her three! Isn't this just too cute? Think what you can do when you've got the bonus, Katie!!!!
" My three little dickens walked out to the garden and transformed into "three little maids all in a row"! Thanks for taking us there."

Now we have Pam's. She says this which I thought very funny!
Well, here we are for the last time this TIAS. I think I'll call her Tizzy as she's had me in a tizzy from time to time. Many thanks once again for all the fun you and everyone has given over the last few weeks. I'll really miss it, as someone said earlier, it really becomes addictive.
PS Looking forward to the bonus."

Margaret too has had fun with the hair. I think it's a 'big hair' day -
Here is Princess Goldielocks, on her way from the hairdressers, where she has been getting ready for the ball. She will give you a twirll so that you can see her tiara and evening bag. I hope she doesn't keep me up too late waiting to hear all about it."

Next is Ginny who's given hers purple hair but for a VERY good reason!! Here's her message -
Here she is a small version on Sue Hanson ready for a party."

Here's the one we've all been waiting for - GiGi who has walked in thanks to Marjan! Here's the message that came with the two pictures!!!
"I proudly present you GiGi!
Date of birth: june 10 - 2008
Place of birth: somewhere in Good Old England....
GiGi is so happy Jane... she's jumping around, singing all the time.... and you know what? She found a job!! Yeah she did!
She just started a wellnesscentre for stressed, burned-out, overexccited turned-around-upside-down cows.... isn't that lovely??
She sends all her love for you and Richard - and will you please be so kind to tell Richard that the wellnesscentre is also open to hippo's and there is no need for him to be stressed, she is just looking forward to take care of him!
Well anyway Jane, I've enjoyed your TIAS enormously!
It really became an addiction and I do hope that one day... one day soon maybe... for now all my (and GiGi's!) love and hope 'to speak' to you again soon!

Next (and after a hurried breakfast!) is Marian's and she says -
"I’ve had seen I am not the first but here is my tat girl. I like to do the tias with you and want to thank you for it. I am curious about the bonus."
It's on the way, Marian!!!

A short while later Maureen's came in. She says - "
Here she is, Jane, blond hair and all. As soon as she got her eyes - (I rewound the shuttle, because yellow eyes would not have been a good look!) - she saw the fridge, and that is where she has decided to live. She says she is the kitchen fairy, since she had her inception on the kitchen table, and that is where she feels she belongs......"

Just within an hour Jeff sent his completed lady. I LOVE and adore the new hairstyle he's given her. This is what he said -
"Here is my completed TIAS 3 project. As you can see, I added a lot of really large picots on the final chain for a variation on the hair. Thank you so much for hosting another TIAS. I do hope someone hosts another TIAS soon." So do I, Jeff, so do I.

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TattingChic said...

The creative hairstyles are my favorites...Rapunzel, Margarets beehive hairdo, and Jeff's pony tails....all of the ladies are tattingly beautiful.